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Workflow since 2019

Every news

Add a news line to Template:News Month 06. Format:

* news...

Every day

Add a line with the news date before the related news. Format:


At end of year (usually last week of December)

Edit News 2024 and replace

{{News Month 01}}


{{subst:News Month 01}}

After storing, remove all news dates and lines, so that the template can be used in the first minutes of the coming year.

At beginning of year (usually first week of January)

Edit the news News page of the previous year and replace all (11)

{{News Month xx}}


{{subst:News Month xx}}

After storing, remove all news dates and lines of all month news from 02 to 12, so that the templates can be used again.

An administrator adds a news entry to MediaWiki:Sidebar before the old entry. Example (2019 is the new entry):

** News 2019|News 2019
** News 2018|News 2018

In March or April

An administrator removes the old news entry from MediaWiki:Sidebar.


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