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Code Symbol Image
{{symbol|F000}} Symbol F000.png [link]
{{symbol|F030}} Symbol F030.png [link]
{{symbol|F034}} Symbol F034.png [link]
{{symbol|F038}} Symbol F038.png [link]
{{symbol|F03C}} Symbol F03C.png [link]
{{symbol|F041}} Symbol F041.png [link]
{{symbol|F043}} Symbol F043.png [link]
{{symbol|F044}} Symbol F044.png [link]
{{symbol|F050}} Symbol F050.png [link]
{{symbol|F058}} Symbol F058.png [link]
{{symbol|F05E}} Symbol F05E.png [link]
{{symbol|F061}} Symbol F061.png [link]
{{symbol|F062}} Symbol F062.png [link]
{{symbol|F063}} Symbol F063.png [link]
{{symbol|F064}} Symbol F064.png [link]
{{symbol|F065}} Symbol F065.png [link]
{{symbol|F066}} Symbol F066.png [link]
{{symbol|F067}} Symbol F067.png [link]
{{symbol|F068}} Symbol F068.png [link]
{{symbol|F069}} Symbol F069.png [link]
{{symbol|F06A}} Symbol F06A.png [link]
{{symbol|F06B}} Symbol F06B.png [link]
{{symbol|F06C}} Symbol F06C.png [link]
{{symbol|F06D}} Symbol F06D.png [link]
{{symbol|F074}} Symbol F074.png [link]
{{symbol|F075}} Symbol F075.png [link]
{{symbol|F076}} Symbol F076.png [link]
{{symbol|F077}} Symbol F077.png [link]
{{symbol|F078}} Symbol F078.png [link]
{{symbol|F079}} Symbol F079.png [link]
{{symbol|F07A}} Symbol F07A.png [link]
{{symbol|F07B}} Symbol F07B.png [link]
{{symbol|F07C}} Symbol F07C.png [link]