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Properties of the cannons
index Speed Height Deceleration
0 500.0 0.0 6000.0 -1.0
1 500.0 5000.0 6000.0 -1.0
2 120.0 2000.0 1000.0 45.0
  • Each cannon has 4 floating point properties P1..P4. Nintendo uses only integral number without fraction for all settings. As usual, all 4 regions share the same values.
  • Cannon -1 and any negative index is the same as cannon 0 (minimum clamp).
  • Cannons ≥3 do not exist. If using it, the property pointer points to the next data section, which is a class vtable. The result will be undefined.
  • Speed is the number of units each frame. For example, 500.0 means 500 units each frame or 60*500=30000 units each second.
  • Height defines a point above the middle of the direct connection, where the player goes through. This is the value of curved.
  • Deceleration Factor determines how much the player decelerates each frame on the cannon. A bigger value means a bigger deceleration, and hence the cannon progresses slower.
  • End Deceleration is the final deceleration value, once the cannon reaches its end. If ≤0, there is no deceleration. A bigger value means a longer stop time when reaching the end of the cannon.
  • LE-CODE supports alternative properties for any number of cannon types on track base. See LE-CODE Track FAQ for details.