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Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are two games created by Nintendo that uses file formats similar to Mario Kart Wii. Therefore, some tools designed for these games can be used for creating custom tracks.

Custom Tracks

These following custom tracks are based on stages in the games.

Custom Tracks
Track Based on Author
Beware of Bouldergeist Beware of Bouldergeist CarryOn
SMG2 Big Tree Tall Trunk's Big Slide HackSizer
Bigmouth Bay Bigmouth Galaxy Questorian
Blowy Breezeway Cloudy Court Galaxy Bri911
Cloudy Courtway Cloudy Court Galaxy Shorky
SMG Comet Observatory Comet Observatory ACM1227
Dark Matter Fortress Bowser's Dark Matter Plant Justin
Drip Drop Dive Drip Drop Galaxy Kozakura
Drip-Drop Den Slimy Spring Galaxy Shorky
Flash Black Forest Flash Black Galaxy AltairYoshi
Flipswitch Freeway Flipswitch Galaxy Questorian
SMG Ghostly Gate Ghostly Galaxy Questorian
Goldleaf Gully Gold Leaf Galaxy AlexTG4517, Atmosphere
Good Egg Drive Good Egg Galaxy Wraith Hopper
Honeyhive Drive Honeyhive Galaxy Slimeserver
SMG Honeyhive Galaxy Honeyhive Galaxy Thevayl
Hurry-Scurry Galaxy Hurry-Scurry Galaxy JadenMKW
Loopdeeloop Galaxy Loopdeeloop Galaxy JadenMKW
Melty Monster Skies Melty Monster Galaxy Kozakura
Nebula Slipsands Slipsand Galaxy PyraminxStar
SMG2 Peach Castle Night Planet Peach's Castle HackSizer
Purple Comet Prankster Comet Elemental
SMG Sea Slide Galaxy Sea Slide Galaxy Torran, SwordofSeals
SMG2 Sky Station Raceway Sky Station Galaxy Questorian
SMG Star Festival Star Festival TheGamingBram
Supermassive Expedition Supermassive Galaxy Saiveeon
Sweet Galaxy Canyon Sweet Sweet Galaxy Mystora
Sweet Sweet Universe Sweet Sweet Galaxy Zai
Under the Dreadnought Dreadnought Galaxy Lovelifeandtpose024

Custom Battle Arenas

These following custom battle arenas are based on stages in the games.

Custom Battle Arenas
Track Based on Author
Battlerock Galaxy Battlerock Galaxy JadenMKW
SMG Ghostly Arena Planet Ghostly Galaxy King Boo Gaming

Custom Characters

These following custom characters are based on power-ups and characters in the games.

Custom Characters
Title Author Type
Bee Mario Dylanmario Custom Character
Bomb Boo H1K0USEN Custom Character
Whipinsnapper Character Texture
Cosmic Clone Porko, JuniorMBW Custom Character
Flying Mario Dylanmario Character Texture
Flying Luigi Babypeachd Character Texture
Honey Queen Atlas Custom Character
Hungry Luma Saiveeon Custom Character
Ice Mario Questorian Character Texture
Luma Dylanmario Custom Character
Sign Board Dylanmario Custom Character
Skeleton Luigi Dylanmario Custom Character, Vehicle Texture
Skeleton Mario Dylanmario Custom Character, Vehicle Texture
NootNoot64 Custom Character
Luke38 Custom Character
Spooky Speedster Atlas Custom Character
Whittle Atlas Custom Character