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Avatar: SuperOnion64's Avatar.png
YouTube: Onion Mastori
Discord Tag OnionTheCutenessFanatic2004#0563

Hi, my name is SuperOnion64. I'm also known as Onion Mastori. I mostly do character modding but sometimes I do texture hacking (because I don't have the skills to make custom tracks). My favorite games are Mario Kart Wii, M.U.G.E.N. and Super Smash Bros. Crusade. My favorite hobby is collecting old cellphones, and my favorite PreCure character is Milk (I have a crush on Milky Rose).

Fun Facts

  • I have autism, so I struggle with social and emotional problems, so bear with me if I ever do.
By the same author: SuperOnion64

Custom Track Distributions:
Onion's Hide and Seek Pack

Texture Hacks:
Onion CityOnion CircuitBlack MeadowsButter BuildingXbox Towers

Custom Characters:
Miyuki Hoshizora (update) – Golde BriggsKing KoopaSuper Show Toad