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Icon: SlipperyMac's Profile Picture.jpg
Country: Canada
YouTube: ToadBrawler
Discord: slipperymac#0156


Welcome to my Wiiki page! I go by the name SlipperyMac, though some people know me as ToadBrawler. I am a Yeet Kart Wii developer and track creator who specializes in BRRES, KCL and KMP editing, but I dabble in model creation and participate in contests from time to time. I attempt to create fun tracks with fast-paced layouts that feature plenty of shortcuts and alternate routes to keep racers intrigued. Feel free to send me criticisms and feedback about my tracks!

Solo Projects

Please ask me before updating my projects!

Title Type Release Date Newest Version Newest Release Status
Turquoise Yoshi Custom Character 2017-08-05 v1.0 Complete
79T Space Road Custom Track 2019-06-10 v0.79 Needs Work
Piece of Delight 2020-04-13 Beta 2 2020-05-19 Unfinished
Fall Mountain Slide 2020-04-21 Beta 2021-03-05 Needs Work
Cheap Route to the Magic Show 2020-05-12 Preview Unfinished
Gingivitis is Plaid (Gingivitis is Bad Texture) Texture Hack 2020-05-25 v0.79 Needs Work
Twilight Jungle Custom Track 2020-06-26 Preview Unfinished
Gay Valley
(Straight Valley Texture)
Texture Hack 2020-08-30 v1.0 Complete
Mushroom Peaks Custom Track 2020-10-27 RC1 Needs Work
Lagoon, Lagoon 2020-12-02 Alpha Unfinished
Fungi Fiasco 2020-12-17 PoC Unfinished
The Remnants of the Remnants of a Lost Leaf Track 2021-05-02 PoC Unfinished
Schity 2021-08-22 v1.0 2021-08-22 Complete
David's Paved Road 2021-11-01 v0.0 Unfinished

My Collaborations

Title Type Collaboration With Release Date Newest Version Newest Release Status
Birdo Island Custom Track Kozakura 2018-07-29 v1.0 Complete
Gingivitis is Bad BillyNoodles, Hman6516,
KartoffelKorps, acaruso
2020-02-01 v2.3 2020-02-11 Complete
Sandy Citadel JDS 2020-05-27 v1.0 2020-12-30 Complete
Bowser's Castle but You Have to Do the Glitch
(Bowser's Castle Edit)
Track Edit Hman6516 2020-07-02 v1.0 Complete
Mario Circuit but You Have to Do the Glitch
(Mario Circuit Edit)
2020-07-03 Complete
Wario's Gold Mine but You Have to Do the Glitch
(Wario's Gold Mine Edit)
GBA Bowser Castle 3 but You Have to Do the Glitch
(GBA Bowser Castle 3 Edit)
2020-07-05 Complete
Mushroom Gorge but You Have to Do the Glitch
(Mushroom Gorge Edit)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 but You Have to Do the Glitch
(SNES Ghost Valley 2 Edit)
2020-07-06 Complete
Coconut Mall but You Have to Do the Glitch
(Coconut Mall Edit)
2020-07-09 Complete
Grumble Volcano but You Have to Do the Glitch
(Grumble Volcano Edit)
2020-07-10 Complete
Yeet Kart Wii Custom Track Distribution BillyNoodles, Hman6516 2020-07-22 v1.3.1 Unfinished
Hman6516 v2.0
Yoshi's Gaming PC Custom Track Yoshii 2020-11-17 PoC Unfinished
The Other DemoCol Forest JoeyMK 2021-01-09 PoC Unfinished
Wario's Creation Catastrophe Yoshii 2021-08-03 Beta 2021-08-03 Update Pending
Holiday + Leafy Lake Questorian 2022-01-02 Beta Unfinished

Tracks I've Updated

Please don't ask me to update your tracks!
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To-do List

  • Learn AREAs
  • Learn post-effects