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This article is about the settings of Dispatch Points used for enemy routes in Battle Arenas by Nintendo. See article Enemy routes in battle arenas for an introduction.

The idea of this page is to give all readers a chance to find out the meaning of the settings.

Route Settings

The KMP sections ENPH, ITPH and CKPH share the same data structure of 16 bytes for each record. The bytes of offsets 0x0e and 0x0f are usually 0 (padding). The only exception is section ENPH for battle arenas, and only for dispatch points if no PREV link is defined:

  • The value of offset 0x0e is between 0 and 7.
  • The value of offset 0x0f is either 0x00, 0x40, 0x80 or 0xc0.

The meaning of both bytes is unknown.

The following table is a reference about the combinations of both bytes and in which areas they appear:

Settings found in battle arenas of MKW for dispatch points
count byte 0x0e byte 0x0f found in arena
25 0 0x00 3*A11, 3*A12, 6*A13, 8*A22, 4*A23, 1*A25

Some of these points (2*A11 + 8*A22) are standard routes with 1 point. All these routes have exact one PREV and one NEXT link.

34 0 0x40 10*A11, 3*A12, 3*A13, 2*A14, 1*A15, 4*A22, 1*A24, 10*A25
14 0 0x80 2*A12, 1*A13, 4*A22, 1*A24, 6*A25
25 0 0xc0 7*A11, 6*A13, 2*A14, 2*A15, 4*A22, 1*A24, 3*A25
9 1 0x00 3*A11, 2*A12, 3*A13, 1*A24
20 1 0x40 7*A11, 7*A12, 1*A14, 3*A22, 2*A24
10 1 0x80 3*A11, 2*A12, 1*A22, 4*A25
14 1 0xc0 1*A11, 1*A12, 3*A13, 5*A22, 4*A25
3 2 0x00 1*A11, 1*A12, 1*A13
15 2 0x40 7*A12, 2*A13, 1*A15, 1*A22, 4*A25
8 2 0x80 1*A12, 1*A13, 1*A15, 3*A22, 2*A25
12 2 0xc0 2*A11, 1*A13, 3*A14, 2*A22, 2*A23, 2*A25
3 3 0x00 1*A11, 1*A12, 1*A13
6 3 0x40 1*A13, 1*A22, 4*A25
3 3 0x80 3*A22
5 3 0xc0 1*A12, 4*A23
3 4 0x40 1*A11, 1*A22, 1*A23
1 4 0x80 1*A22
1 5 0x00 1*A22
1 5 0x40 1*A22
2 5 0xc0 1*A22, 1*A23
2 6 0x40 1*A13, 1*A22
1 6 0x80 1*A15
1 6 0xc0 1*A22
1 7 0xc0 1*A12

Gallery of Dispatch Points

Here you see a gallery of 9 Battle Arenas with highlighted Dispatch Points. Only SNES Battle Course 4 is missed, because it doesn't use Dispatch Points.

The settings of the points are visualized by pairs of quadrates in 8 different colors. The left quadrat symbolizes settings #1 (values between 0 and 7), and the right quadrat settings #2 (values 0x00, 0x40, 0x80, 0xc0). In the bottom right of each image you can find a vertical list of colors ordered by value. Small quadrates mean that this value is not used in this battle arena.