Sedral's Random HNS Pack

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Sedral's Random HNS Pack
Author: Sedral
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 32
Version: v1.0
Date of latest version: 2022-04-13


Sedral's Random HNS Pack is a custom track distribution created by Sedral. It uses custom tracks and track edits picked by the "Random page" option for the Hide and Seek game mode. In addition, custom characters were picked using a random number generator.



Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Slot Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
1.1 A First Course Alpha Coffee Toffee
7.3 DK Jungle Tour v1.4 Strobenz
5.2 SNES Donut Plains 2 v1.1b NiAlBlack
3.2 Grassy Plains v3.6 ZPL, Jasperr
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
1.2 Treetop Tour v1.0 QBob64, Coffee Toffee
1.3 Mushlight Forest v1.01 Fuffina
8.2 Kartwood Creek v1.0b Rich Petty, Toxic Amaranth
6.2 DS Nokonoko Beach v2.2 Ermelber, Yoshidude4, Turbo Yoshi
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
7.1 DS Desert Hills R v1.0 ANoob
2.4 Chaotic Circle v1.0 Sealseal, KiwiPowerGreen
4.1 GBA Cheese Land v3.1 ChaosShadow23
2.2 KKW Yoshi's Cookie v1.0 KiwiPowerGreen
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
3.4 Grumble Volcano R v1.0 4TLPati
8.3 Elemental Cave v1.0 Baoulettes, Questorian
7.2 Bowser's Flooded Castle v1.0 ZPL
4.4 Rainbow City Run RC1 AlexTG4517
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
8.1 SNES Mario Circuit 1 v1.0 ZPL
3.1 GBA Mario Circuit v1.1 MysterE99
2.1 Mario Circuit R/T v1.0 Bruh de la Boi
6.3 Pianta Plaza v1.1 JadenMKW
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
2.3 Shiver Mountain v1.0 AlexTG4517
7.4 Chomp Canyon v0.1 4TLPati, Questorian
6.1 Damn Frozen Road Beta 1.1 Yoshidude4, Szymbar15
5.1 DS Cheep Cheep Beach v1.1 Bri
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
5.3 N64 Banshee Boardwalk v1.2 Baoulettes, KO Teknik
8.4 Unnamed Valley v1.3 Scye
4.3 CT Cemetery Alpha Riidefi
6.4 Justin's Bridge Track v1.0 SpyKid
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
5.4 Blooper's Aquarium Beta.ctj Questorian
3.3 Sky High Island v1.04 Jasperr
1.4 Steel Structure v1.1 Warwick92xD
4.2 DS Shroom Ridge v1.0 Natani


Arena Listing
Stages Arena Version Author
Retro Stages.png
Retro Stages
These v1.0 Sedral


Character Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt baby mario 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Mario
Mew v2.0 L3e98
Tt koopa jr 64x64.tpl.png
Bowser Jr.
Quagspike RC1 Saiveeon
Tt funky 64x64.tpl.png
Funky Kong
Vivi Ornitier Beta Warwick92xD

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2022-04-13 First release