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How I got interested

I first got interested in custom courses when I came upon the hacker, MrBean35000vr. On youtube, I watched all his videos of hacking. When I came upon a course called SNES Rainbow Road, I did not understand how he could do that. I did some research and learned that the SZS Modifier can do such a thing. In order to do that, I had to learn how to hack. At that time, I was very noobish, so it took me about a month to get the Homebrew Channel and the apps working. I was a Mario Kart hacker for a long time until I got bored of it, so I started my custom course creating age. At that point, I had no idea where to start. On Youtube, I was searching Custom Track videos when I came upon a guy named Guilmon35249vr. He told me the basics on the SZS Modifier and thanks to him, I made my first model hack. From that point, I now use very little help in my courses.

My Courses/Model Hacks

Chaotic Circle

Video by Sealseal

Penguin Canyon

Not updated video, however

Video by Sealseal

Icy Road

Video by Sealseal

Icy Road ALPHA 1.1

Video by Sealseal

Icy Road ALPHA 1.0

Video by Sealseal

Future Plans

I am getting interested in Custom Course creating again...but if I ever get back into it, I will:

1. Create Penguin Canyon RC6

2. Finish Up Icy Road and release RC3

3. Create another course for special selected individuals ;)

By the same author: Sealseal

Custom Tracks:
Chaotic CirclePenguin Canyon