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This article is about the stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For the track in other games, see Mario Circuit. For the retro track from Mario Kart DS, see DS Figure-8 Circuit.

Mario Circuit (also known as Figure-8 Circuit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) is a stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that is loosely based on Figure-8 Circuit from Mario Kart DS. Although the stage is played along a 2D plane in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the track itself is a 3D model. Despite this, there is far less detail behind the normal camera position of the stage than in front of it. The stage later reappeared in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Original Version
Wii U Version
Nintendo Switch Version

Currently, there are three versions available:

List of available WBZ files:

Names in Other Languages

SSBB Mario Circuit

Dutch: SSBB Mario's Circuit
French: SSBB Circuit Mario
German: SSBB Marios Piste
Italian: SSBB Circuito di Mario
Japanese: SSBX マリオサーキット
Korean: SSBX 마리오 서킷
Portuguese: SSBB Circuito do Mario
Russian: SSBB Трасса Марио
Spanish: SSBB Circuito Mario
Greek: SSBB Πίστα του Μάριο
Polish: SSBB Trasa Mario
Finnish: SSBB Marionmutka
Swedish: SSBB Marios Bana
Czech: SSBB Mariův Okruh
Danish: SSBB Marios Bane

SSBB Figure-8 Circuit

Dutch: SSBB 8-Baan
French: SSBB Circuit en 8
German: SSBB Achterpiste
Italian: SSBB Ottotornante
Japanese: SSBX エイトクロスサーキット
Korean: SSBX 8자 서킷
Portuguese: SSBB Circuito em 8
Russian: SSBB Трасса-восьмерка
Spanish: SSBB Circuito en 8
Greek: SSBB Πίστα Φιγούρας 8
Polish: SSBB Tor-Ósemka
Finnish: SSBB 8-mutka
Swedish: SSBB Figur-8 Banan
Czech: SSBB Osmičkový Okruh
Danish: SSBB Figur-8 Banen