SM64 Whomp's Fortress

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Whomp's Fortress is the second level that appears in Super Mario 64.[1]

Original Version
DS Version

Currently, there are two versions available:

List of available WBZ files:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SM64 Whomps Vesting
French: SM64 Forteresse de Whomp
German: SM64 Wummps Wuchtwall
Italian: SM64 Fortezza di Womp
Japanese: SM64 バッタンキングのとりで
Korean: SM64 꽈당킹의요새
Portuguese: SM64 Fortaleza do Esmagão (NTSC)
SM64 Fortaleza do Granito (PAL)
Russian: SM64 Крепость бабахов
Spanish: SM64 Fortaleza de Whomp (NTSC)
SM64 Fortaleza de Piedra (PAL)
Greek: SM64 Φρούριο του Πιτώματος
Polish: SM64 Forteca Whompa
Finnish: SM64 Whompin linnoitus
Swedish: SM64 Whomps Fort
Czech: SM64 Whompova Pevnost
Danish: SM64 Whomps Fort