SM64 Whomp's Fortress

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SM64 Whomp's Fortress
Author: Reedy94
Designer: Nintendo, Reedy94
Version: RC3.2-ramp
Date of latest version: 2023-01-12
Editors used: CTools, SketchUp, SZS Modifier
WBZ files:
Download: Google Drive


Whomp's Fortress is the second level from Super Mario 64.[1] It is the first ported custom track to be released that is not directly from a Mario Kart game, and because of that, it was not originally suitable for racing. Therefore, the author has extended it with some new roads. The racers must get to the top of the tower and then jump down using a trick ramp (a cannon in RC3 and RC3.1) onto the new area of grass that has been added.


RC3.2-ramp Online Race
RC2.2 VS Race
RC0.5 Time Trial (Dolphin)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2011-07-05 First release
RC2 2011-07-16 Second release
RC2.1 2011-07-17 Third release
RC2.2 2011-07-18 Fourth release
RC3 2018-11-04 Update by Oh ok:
RC3.1 2018-11-12 Update by Oh ok:
  • Added more out of bounds areas.
RC3.2-ramp 2023-01-12 Update by ZPL and CyrusTheYoshi:
  • Remade item routes.
  • Added and re-worked fall boundaries.
  • Removed cannon.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SM64 Whomps Vesting
French: SM64 Forteresse de Whomp
German: SM64 Wummps Wuchtwall
Italian: SM64 Fortezza di Womp
Japanese: SM64 バッタンキングのとりで
Korean: SM64 꽈당킹의요새
Portuguese: SM64 Fortaleza do Esmagão (NTSC)
SM64 Fortaleza do Granito (PAL)
Russian: SM64 Крепость бабахов
Spanish: SM64 Fortaleza de Whomp (NTSC)
SM64 Fortaleza de Piedra (PAL)
Greek: SM64 Φρούριο του Πιτώματος
Polish: SM64 Forteca Whompa
Finnish: SM64 Whompin linnoitus
Swedish: SM64 Whomps Fort
Czech: SM64 Whompova Pevnost
Danish: SM64 Whomps Fort