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My Twitter RyderTheGamer05
YouTube Channel: RyderMK05
Discord: rydermk05
Discord Server: Scarlet Residents
Pronouns: He/Him-She/Her


Deltarune in Pokemon Black White 2 soundfont


Hello, I'm Ryder. Mario Kart Wii is a game that I love making stuff for, so that's why you see so many character textures and distributions on my link page. I love playing Nintendo games.

Working On

Nothing at the moment. Mario Kart Wii hasn't been my main focus of life recently.

Discord Activities

I want my server to be at least somewhat lively, so I'm going to start doing game nights! Once every few weeks (or days), I will host a voice chat event where we can play games, chat, etc. Currently, there are 14 members, but more people would be nice! So if you're interested, please join by hitting the text that says Scarlet Residents. It's a permanent invite link that never expires.