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Reedy94 was a german Mario Kart Wii Player who made Custom Tracks and Texture Hacks. He was the first hacker who made a ported custom track from a non-Mario Kart game. He uploaded Custom Tracks/Custom Battle Tracks/Texture Hacks of himself and other Creators with Dolphin Emulator in Full HD on YouTube. He was also one of the first Hackers who made TAS (Tool-Assisted-Speedrun) Runs on Custom Tracks and he was the inventor of the designation "TAF" (Tool-Assisted-Freerun).

His Custom Distributions

On 2011.05.17 he has released v1.0 of his ReedyCustomPack Ultimate

On 2011.06.19 he has released v1.0 of his ReedyCustomPack Lite

On 2011.07.20 he has released v2.0 of his ReedyCustomPack Ultimate and ReedyCustomPack Lite

His Custom Tracks

- 2010: ReedyRainbow1 (made with ALPHAMARIOX)

- 2011: Rainbow Dream (update to ReedyRainbow1) (made with ALPHAMARIOX)

Rainbow Dream

- 2011: SM64 Whomp's Fortress

Final Version

His Texture Hacks

- 2010: Bowser's Villa (Texture Hack of GBA Bowsers Castle 3)

Here you can see the originally Texture Hack (the first race)

original Bowser Villa Texture Hack (made by me)

This Texture Hack is used by Bowser Villa (Custom Track of [WP] Twister)

Bowser Villa (Custom Track with my Texture Hack)

- 2010: Spongebob Road (Texture Hack of N64 Bowsers Castle)

The second Course is Spongebob Road

Spongebob Road (made by me)

- 2010: PAINT-World (Texture Hack of Delfino Square; with modified KCL)

PAINT-World (Texture Hack made by me)

- 2010: Qwerty Texture Hack (Texture Hack of Qwerty)

Qwerty Texture Hack made by me

- 2011: GCN Yoshi Circuit Terracotta Version (Texture Hack of GCN Yoshi Circuit)

Terracotta Version of GCN Yoshi Circuit made by me

- 2011: Spongebob Castle (Texture Hack of N64 Bowsers Castle)

Spongebob Castle is a big update to my old "Spongebob Road" Texture Hack.

Spongebob Castle

You can contact Reedy94 here:

- YouTube: (MKWiiREEDY94/NintenTAS)