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RKC Editor
Author: Leseratte
Operating Systems: Windows
Software Type: File editor
File Formats: RKC, SZS (im- and export only)
Current Version: v1.07, 2017-07-01
Download: Click

RKC Editor is a tool written by Leseratte to edit or create new RKC files (Mario Kart Wii Competition files). The current version of this tool, v1.07, supports every known RKC feature as of 2016-05-31 and will be updated if more features of the file format will be found.


RKC editor Leseratte.png


  • Lap count / Score can be defined
  • An object which should appear on the Minimap can be defined
  • The score mode (which object gives you points) can be set, although not all values are known yet
  • Engine class and the vehicle or controller restrictions can be set
  • CPU player settings can be set
  • The CommonObj files to load during a competition can be defined
  • The embedded SZS file can be exported (stored to disk) or imported (load a new SZS file into the competition)
    • (This does not allow you to add a complete custom track SZS file to a competition — the maximum RKC file size is 20,480 bytes)
  • The RKC Editor can verify a file to make sure it has no invalid settings

How to use

This tool can be used both to edit existing RKC files and to create new ones. If you want to create a custom competition, you should start "from scratch" with a new file and not edit an existing one.

Explaination of the different settings

The RKC Editor has many different settings which influence the behaviour of the competition.


The "General" section contains information about the competition itself.

  • Track: You can configure the track to load.
  • Laps: The amount of laps to race. A lap count greater than 8 can cause problems. Not to be used together with a "Score" setting > 0.
  • Score: The amount of points you need to get to win the competition. Not to be used together with a "Lap" setting > 0.
  • Minimap object: Enter an object ID (hexadecimal) here to make that object appear on the map during the competition.
  • Intro: Some setting related to the intro camera when the competition starts. Can have values from 0 to 3, 0 = no intro.
  • Unknown (cannon?) setting: Unknown setting. This setting is set in most competitions which feature a cannon (not in all of them) and doesn't appear at all in competitions without one.
  • Higher camera angle: Gives the player a higher camera angle, giving him the ability to get a greater overview over the track. Nintendo uses this in Topmen and Big Pokey competitions.
  • Engine class: This setting can be used to modify the engine class for the track. The engine class Battle can be used on a race track, however, this is very boring, because Battle is even slower than 50cc. The disabled mode Glitch has weird graphical effects and freezes the Wii, and the other mode Special is reserved for a future 'special' competition on Wiimmfi.
  • Restrictions: These settings can be used to restrict the players to specific vehicles (only karts, only bikes) or to force them to use the Wii Wheel.
  • Embedded SZS file: Each competition contains a small SZS file with a KMP file and a few other needed files. This file can be extracted (stored to disk) or imported (load a new SZS file into the competition file). Its size must not exceed 20.400 B (so you cannot include a whole custom track).
  • File: This just shows the currently open file.

Score mode

The "Score mode" section allows you to configure what the type of the competition is.

  • Time Trial: A normal Time Trial, with three Mushrooms and without CPU players.
  • VS Race: A normal race where the player needs to finish a certain amount of laps.
  • Battle: A battle race. The checkbox "with positions" allows you to turn on/off the position tracker.
  • Object: The player gets a point when he destroys / activates one of the following objects: Goomba, Crab, Cataquack, Monty Mole, Leaf pile, woodbox, bats, Bomb cars, Pokeys.
  • Spiky Topmen / big Pokey: The player gets a point when he throws a 'Spiky Topman' (the ones on Galaxy Arena) into the abyss, or hits the giant Pokey in the Thwomp Desert competition.
  • Coin: The player gets a point for each coin he collects (there must be coins in the KMP!).
  • Stargate: The player gets a point for each gate crossed in the correct order (there must be gates in the KMP!).


This is an unknown setting which can only be 18,000 or 36,000. In Leseratte's tests it has not been accessed by the game, but maybe it is needed for some reason.

CPU players

This section can be used to configure the CPU players. Count is the amount of CPU players (remember the score mode, not every mode supports CPU players properly), and the drop down menus below can be used to force the CPU players to use specific drivers / vehicles. If you leave a driver / vehicle at ???, the game randomly selects one (you can also combine that, forcing a specific driver but choosing a random vehicle or vice versa does work).

CommonObj files

CommonObj files are included in the game and contain special objects like a coin (CommonObj2) or the stargates (CommonObj1). All the selected CommonObj files are merged with the SZS file on race start, so if the object you want to use in your competition is included in one of the CommonObj files, use that instead of putting it into your SZS file!

  • CommonObj1: Stargates for score mode Stargate
  • CommonObj2: Coins for score mode coin
  • CommonObj3: Ramps used for backwards competitions
  • CommonObj4: Red and green bouncy mushrooms, and the ramps for backwards competitions
  • CommonObj5: Woodbox, ironbox, pipes, pylons, oil spots and Goombas
  • CommonObj6: Chain Chomp
  • CommonObj7: Wiggler
  • CommonObj8: Dry Bowser's fire ball item object
  • CommonObj9: Pokey
  • CommonObj10: Thwomp
  • CommonObj11: Bomb car
  • CommonObj12: Bats, falling rock, Cataquack


RKC Editor v1.07 - 2017-07-01

- New feature: Game mode "big Pokey" can now be selected.
- New feature: Support for the new competition system on Wiimmfi which is 
  currently in development. 

RKC Editor v1.06 - 2016-06-06

- New feature: When using stargates, the editor now validates the object settings
  to make sure all stargates have valid settings and will all show up. 
- New feature: Check for the MSPT section in game modes which require this 
  KMP section. 

RKC Editor v1.05 - 2016-05-31

- Bugfix: A VS race with CPU players resulted in either a freeze at race end
  or the CPU players stopping behind the finish line (endlessly respawning)
  instead of driving another lap. 

RKC Editor v1.04 - 2016-05-29

- New feature: The editor now checks for the existance of a course.kmp and the
  folders "AIParam" and "ItemSlotTable".
- New feature: For the score modes "Coin", "Stargate" and "Spikey Topmen" it
 verifies if the KMP contains the correct amount of these objects. 
- New feature: Found the maximum RKC size in the game's code (20,480 bytes), 
  the "Verify" function now prints a warning if the file is too large. 

RKC Editor v1.03 - 2016-05-19

- Bugfix: Under some circumstances the CPU players and vehicles got reset 
  to their default values when opening a file. 

RKC Editor v1.02 - 2016-04-19

- New feature: Compare actual file size and file size in header when opening a 
  file and warn if they are different. 
- Bugfix: Loading an invalid file (which is no RKC file), cancelling and then
  saving the current state corrupted the new file.
- Added an "About" dialog (click the version number in the status bar). 
- Renamed and re-sorted the score modes 

RKC Editor v1.01 - 2016-03-19

 - New feature: Cannon effect flag can now be set
 - New feature: RKC files can now be verified
 - Bugfix: Unknown setting at RKCO/0x14 is checked for valid values

RKC Editor v1.00 - 2016-03-18

 - Initial version (not released)