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Got back into MKWii in 2019 with enough tech skill to follow a Wii homebrewing tutorial.
Immediately got in over my head and started trying to make custom textures, characters, karts, and hopefully a custom track someday.
I tell myself it's to get better at Blender, which I intend to use in a professional setting. I totally am using it for that reason, I promise.
I like to pretend that I was one of the "OG people to make custom characters in Blender", and am very prone to trying to troubleshoot any and all Blender custom characters as a result. Sorry about that.

Please credit my work if used.

By the same author: Poobah

Custom Characters:
Wedding PeachRaincoat Baby DaisyRaincoat Baby LuigiRaincoat Baby MarioRaincoat Baby PeachKermit the Frog

Character Textures:
Elec Daisy

Custom Vehicles:

Vehicle Textures:
Sweet Daytripper