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Avatar: OrdArtz's Profile Picture.png
YouTube: ordartz
Discord: ordartz#8981

About Me

Hello everyone, I'm ordartz. I used to be an inexperienced and unknown MKWii modder while 2013-2014. I just used to do some character custom textures during those years.

In 2020 I returned to MKW modding community due my incorporation to Mario Kart Wii Deluxe as staff member. Because of this, I felt motivated to start modding MKW again.

I mostly do character edits, since I like the idea of giving alternate outfits to previously existing characters. I have a big list of unreleased mods, which of course in some point I'm gonna share here with you all!


Feel free to use my mods in your public modpacks. I don't have any problem if you modify them, but credit me and notify me about it.