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Discord Tag: Numerosity#3327
Profile Picture: Numerosity's Profile Picture.png

About Me

Hi there! I'm Numerosity.

  • My name is pronounced (New-mer-o-sity)
  • I use he/they pronouns
  • I'm active in the community, and I'm almost always willing to help others
  • I'm a creator of the Insane Kart Wii distribution, definitely go check it out if you haven't already

Custom Tracks

As of now, I only have one custom track made currently:


  • Any tracks or track updates made by me can be updated or remade without permission.
By the same author: Numerosity

Retro Track:
DS Wario Stadium

Custom Track Distribution:
Insane Kart Wii

Custom Music Distribution:
Remix Kart Wii

Character Texture:
Sunset Kong on Flame Runner