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Avatar: Nomatix's Profile Picture.jpg
Discord: Nomatix#0519
YouTube: Nomatix


Hello! I'm Nomatix (previously known as Ptpix1). If you were wondering, my username is pronounced no-mah-ticks. I've played custom tracks on and off since 2012 and I've dabbled in custom track creation since late 2017. My activity with the game and the community is also on and off. Some of my other hobbies include spending time outdoors, watching anime, playing video games and listening to music. Speaking of which, my favorite genre of music is electronic and a few of my favorite artists include Daft Punk, Air, Pink Floyd and the Chemical Brothers. I also like watching and making YouTube videos. Thanks for visiting my page!

  • If you'd like to update or remake any of my tracks, please contact me about it beforehand (preferably on Discord).
  • If you'd like to create a Texture Hack or Edit of any of my tracks, I ask that you release it as a separate project.
  • You are free to add my custom tracks to distributions without asking permission.
  • I have not submitted any of my tracks to CTGP and it's very unlikely I ever will. This is for multiple reasons.


My Custom Tracks

Track Current Version Information
Angry Video Game Circuit Alpha Created for the Video Game themed Custom Track Jam.
Bowser's Lair v2.0 Remake of Thed0ra7z's custom track of the same name with animations and layout adjustments.
Don't Bounce Alpha Created for the Desert themed Custom Track Jam as a joke.
Festival Dash v1.0 Course modeled by Putinas with tweaks from myself.
Fuego Castle v1.3 Course modeled by SpyKid with tweaks from myself.
Grassland Tower Unreleased Created with Rosalina Speedruns for the Tower themed CT Jam. It was rushed to meet the deadline and remains unfinished.
Honey Island v1.3 Course modeled by SpyKid and Luke Chandler with tweaks from myself.
Mario's Rainbow Castle Beta Collaboration with Bruh de la Boi and Cats4Life. This was made for the Castle themed CT Jam.
Nitro Speedway v1.3 Course modeled by SpyKid.
Palace Park v1.1 Collaboration with Ugotowned35000vr.
Piranha Plant Plains v1.6 Course modeled by RoxMC with changes and additions from myself. A big update is planned.
Riverside Circuit v3.0 Course modeled by Putinas with changes and additions from myself.
Twilight Forest Beta Collaboration with Oh ok.

Custom Tracks by others that I've updated

Note: This list does not include very minor updates to tracks where I only changed one or two things.

Track Creator(s) Notes
Bowser's Courtyard BillyNoodles Bug fixes and KMP adjustments.
Bowser's Flooded Castle Nanoman6666 Visual tweaks.
Bowser's Lava Base 4IT★Lecce Updated with ANoob.
Bowser's Stronghold BillyNoodles, MattG Visual tweaks.
Candy Cane Circuit Crile -
Castle of Spades Ugotowned35000vr -
Cheddar Caves Bear Updated with Questorian.
Cossland Maurice6912 -
Cyber Spaceway 1 iNelom -
Desert Course acaruso -
Dry Bowser Fortress Supershyguy -
Fall Mountain Slide slipperymac Updated with PeachKia52250vr.
Fire Base HeraX, Ugotowned35000vr Oh ok helped add cameras.
Friandise Cookieway Maximiliano, Zai -
Icy Valley Falls BillyNoodles Updated with KantoEpic.
Italian Way Rukasudo90 Updated with Kozakura.
Lecce's Rainbow Road 4IT★Lecce -
Mario's New Raceway Crile -
Mushroom Parkway BillyNoodles -
Piece of Delight slipperymac -
Rainbow Speedway BillyNoodles -
Sand Speedway II NinYoda1 -
Something Circuit BillyNoodles Updated with KantoEpic.
Sphynx Road NinYoda1 -
The Haunted Mansion Super-Daisy55 -
Underpass & Highway Skipper93653, SMG2 -

Custom Track Ideas

Feel free to use any of these! If you'd like to collaborate on making any of these, send me a message.

  • Desert Route - A track themed around Route 4 from the fifth generation Pokémon games. Some Pokémon would appear as custom objects. It's essentially a desert with a half-done construction site and I think that would make for a pretty cool track.
  • Distortion World - A track themed around the alternate dimension in Pokémon Platinum. Giratina would appear as a custom object.
  • Moon Safari - Track that would start on a rainbow road next to a large moon. Players would then enter the core of the moon and race inside it until reaching back to the start. Asteroids would also be placed around as decorations, like in 3DS Rainbow Road.
  • Serial Experiments Lane - A track with surreal, avant-garde visuals inspired by the TV series Serial Experiments Lain. Admittedly, this would be very niche and I doubt many people would get what it's inspired by. However, the series has really unique and striking visuals so I think it would make for an aesthetically interesting and distinct track. I also think that the play on words in the track's name is kind of clever.
  • Volcanic Raceway - 1 lap track that would start at the top of a volcano, and racers would have to scale down it while avoiding objects, going off ramps and other such things. It would end once racers reach the bottom.