Nintendo Remasters

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Nintendo Remasters
Author: Krummers
Type: Riivolution
Songs: 56
Tracks: 32
Arenas: 7
Characters: 11
Version: v7.1
Date of latest version: 2022-02-14
Download: Google Drive


Nintendo Remasters (formerly known as Nintendo Remixes and Galaxy Songs) is a custom music, character and texture hack distribution created by Krummers. It features various Nintendo remixes and songs. Initially, the distribution only contained custom music; however, the author decided to add texture hacked tracks starting in v2.0.



Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author Music
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Wuhu Circuit v1.1 JordyeMK Mario Kart DS - Figure-8 Circuit (Panman Music Remix)
Moo Moo Meadows (N) v1.0 Dxrk Mario Kart Wii - Moo Moo Meadows (Naz3nt Remix)
Cliffside Gorge v1.0 PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - Try, Try Again
Toad's Factory (N) v1.0 JorisMKW Mario Kart Wii - Toad's Factory (Naz3nt Remix)
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Skyline Mario Circuit v1.0 ZPL Mario Kart DS - Figure-8 Circuit (Panman Music Remix)
Blue Mall v1.0 TweekKL07 Mario Kart 8 - Hyrule Circuit (Frontrunning)
Frozen Peak v1.0 ZPL Mario Kart Wii - DK Summit (Panman Music Remix)
Wario's Gold Mine (N) v1.0 JorisMKW Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - Wii Wario's Gold Mine
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit (N) v1.1 Rachy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 3DS Wuhu Town (Frontrunning)
Cheep Cheep Cape v1.0 ZPL Mario Kart 8 - Dolphin Shoals Frontrunning (Above water, River and Underwater)
Cherry Blossom Treeway v1.0 Metaljaripower Mario Kart Wii - Maple Treeway (Naz3nt Remix)
Grumble Volcano (HD) v1.0i koolkreate Super Mario Galaxy - Bouldergeist Critical
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins (N) RC1 ALPHAMARIOX Mario Kart 8 - Bone Dry Dunes (Frontrunning)
Yoshi's Highway v1.0-alt PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998 Mario Kart Tour - Berlin Byways (Frontrunning)
Hyrule Castle v1.1 JorisMKW Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy
Night Road v1.1 Dxrk EternalSushi - Rainbow Road Medley
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach (N) v1.0 Darkmario957 Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Peach Beach (Naz3nt Remix)
DS Lush Lagoon v1.0 Jasperr Mario Kart 8 - N64 Yoshi Valley (Frontrunning)
SNES Banshee Valley 2 v1.1 Dxrk Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Library Piano (Qumu Remix)
N64 Fire Mario Raceway v1.0 Rachy Mario Kart Wii - N64 Mario Raceway (Yung Sailor Remix)
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land (N) v3.0 MarioPower55, Dxrk Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - N64 Sherbet Land
GBA Shy Guy Beach (N) v1.0 JorisMKW Super Mario Kart - Koopa Beach (Benjamin Briggs Remix)
DS Springtime Square v1.1 Betelrama Mario Kart DS - Delfino Square (Naz3nt Remix)
GCN Waluigi Stadium (HD) v1.0 Miku MK Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - DS Waluigi Pinball
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
DS Dry Dry Hills v1.0 Dxrk Mario Kart DS - Desert Hills (Panman Music Remix)
GBA A Better Castle 3 v1.0 Etterbeer Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Boss Battle
N64 Lakeside Park v1.1 Jasperr Donkey Kong Country Returns - Title Screen
GCN Mario Circuit (N) v1.0-alt ARM1 Mario Kart 8 - GCN Yoshi Circuit (Frontrunning)
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SNES Skyline Circuit 3 v1.0 Jasperr Super Mario Kart - Mario Circuit (Panman Music Remix)
DS Sanctuary Gardens v1.0 André Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy (Qumu Remix)
GCN Jungle Mountain v1.0 ZPL Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - DK Mountain (Panman Music Remix)
N64 Bowser's Castle (HD) v1.0 Miku MK Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - The Final Antasma Battle


Arena Listing
Stages Arena Version Author Music
Wii Stages.png
Wii Stages
Wuhu Plaza v1.0 Dxrk Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey - Tough Guy Alert!
Aquapolis v1.0 Betelrama Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza (31 Horas Music Remix)
Funky Stadium Nintendo Mario Kart 8 - Excitebike Arena (Frontrunning)
Chain Chomp Wheel Nintendo Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Boo Night Fever
Thwomp Desert (S) v1.0 Dxrk Mario Kart 8 - GCN Dry Dry Desert (Frontrunning)
Retro Stages.png
Retro Stages
SNES Battle Course 4 (HD) v1.1 Dxrk Super Mario Kart - Donut Plains (Mesmonium Remix)
GBA Battle Course 3 Nintendo Super Mario Kart - Donut Plains (Mesmonium Remix)
N64 Neon Skyscraper v1.0 Betelrama Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - GCN Mushroom Bridge/City
GCN Penguin Arena v1.0 Pucci95 Mario Kart 8 - GCN Baby Park (Frontrunning)
DS Misty Twilight Swamp v1.0 Dxrk Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Boss Battle

Other Music

Other Music Listing
Original Music
Galaxy Colosseum Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - SMS Delfino Plaza (Coin Street)
Main Menu (Layer 1) Mario Kart Tour - Main Menu
Main Menu (Layer 2) Mario Kart Tour - Character Select
Main Menu (Layer 3) Mario Kart Tour - Matchmaking
Race Intro Mario Kart Tour - Course Introduction
Grand Prix/Race Start Mario Kart Tour - Start Your Engines (Single Player)
Wi-Fi Race/Battle Start Mario Kart Tour - Start Your Engines (Online)
Time Trial/Battle Start Mario Kart Tour - Start Your Engines (Mission)
1st Place Mario Kart Tour - Finish (1st)
2nd-5th Place Mario Kart Tour - Finish (2nd-8th)
Result Screen Mario Kart Tour - Result Screen
Unlock Fanfare Mario Kart 8 - Character/Vehicle Unlock
Mega Mushroom Super Paper Mario - An Unrivalled Batte
Ghost Replay/Spectating Nintendo 3DS - Internet Settings


Feature Author Information
Colored Prefixes Krummers Gives the different retro prefixes their own color.
Galaxy Planet Jonas43 Replaces the online Earth with a Super Mario Galaxy Planet.
Translations Krummers Adds all of the regular languages to the game.

Custom Characters

Small Characters

Small Characters Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt baby mario 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Mario
Tt baby luigi 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Luigi
Tt baby peach 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Peach
Tt baby daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Daisy
Tt kinopio 64x64.tpl.png
Toad (Pit Crew) v1.0 UltraWario
Tt kinopico 64x64.tpl.png
Tt noko 64x64.tpl.png
Koopa Troopa
Red Koopa Paratroopa v1.0 Hotfix 2 Guilmon, UltraWario
Tt karon 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bones
Dry Bones (Gold) v1.2.1 MarioPower55, Krummers

Medium Characters

Medium Characters Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt mario 64x64.tpl.png
Mario (Sunshine) v1.0 UltraWario
Tt luigi 64x64.tpl.png
Penguin Luigi v1.0 UltraWario
Tt peach 64x64.tpl.png
Tt daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Daisy (Yukata) v1.0 UltraWario
Tt yoshi 64x64.tpl.png
Yoshi (Reindeer) v1.0 Hotfix UltraWario
Tt catherine 64x64.tpl.png
Tt didy 64x64.tpl.png
Diddy Kong
Tt koopa jr 64x64.tpl.png
Bowser Jr.
Hammer Bro v1.0 UltraWario

Large Characters

Large Characters Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt wario 64x64.tpl.png
Tt waluigi 64x64.tpl.png
Tt donky 64x64.tpl.png
Donkey Kong
Tt koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Bowser (Santa) v1.0 Hotfix UltraWario
Tt teresa 64x64.tpl.png
King Boo
King Boo (LM2) v2.0 UltraWario
Tt roseta 64x64.tpl.png
Rosalina (Swimwear) v1.0 UltraWario
Tt funky 64x64.tpl.png
Funky Kong
Tt hone koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bowser

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2020-06-08 First release
v1.1 2020-06-09 Added optional CTGP Revolution Channel music.
v1.2 2020-06-09 Added music for Delfino Pier, Funky Stadium, Thwomp Desert, DS Twilight House, and Galaxy Colosseum.
v1.3 2020-06-18
  • Added secondary optional CTGP Revolution Channel music.
  • Fixed loop point for the first CTGP Revolution Channel music.
v1.3.1 2020-06-23 Fixed loop points for Grumble Volcano and Thwomp Desert.
v1.3.2 2020-06-24 Reduced noise for Luigi Circuit, Moo Moo Meadows, Maple Treeway, Rainbow Road, GCN Peach Beach, GBA Shy Guy Beach, DS Delfino Square, and GCN Waluigi Stadium.
v1.4 2020-07-08 Added second channel for Wario's Gold Mine and Dry Dry Ruins.
v1.5 2020-07-15 Replaced Mushroom Gorge music.
v1.6 2020-07-22
v1.7 2020-07-30 Replaced DS Twilight House music.
v1.8 2020-08-23 Replaced secondary CTGP Revolution Channel music.
v1.9 2020-08-25
  • Replaced Wario's Gold Mine and Dry Dry Ruins music.
  • Fixed loop point for Koopa Cape and the secondary CTGP Revolution Channel music.
  • Removed first CTGP Revolution Channel music.
v2.0 2020-08-30 Added 30 texture hacked tracks.
v3.0 2020-09-01 Added seven texture hacked arenas.
v3.0.1 2020-09-02
  • Amplified Wario's Gold Mine and Dry Dry Ruins music.
  • Reduced noise for Ghost Replay/Spectating.
v3.0.2 2020-09-05 Added text support for texture hacked tracks and arenas.
v3.0.2.1 2020-09-19 Fixed spelling error for CTGP Revolution users.
v4.0 2020-10-03
  • Added 16 custom characters.
  • Added old cup icons from CTGP Revolution.
  • Fixed two spelling errors.
v4.1 2020-10-19
  • Added music for SNES Battle Course 4 and GBA Battle Course 3.
  • Added Neptune777 Main Castle.
  • Added custom character icons for CTGP Revolution users.
  • Added text support for which version of Nintendo Remasters is enabled.
  • Added text support for textured tracks, arenas and characters for original Mario Kart Wii users.
  • Shortened King Boo's name to "King Boo (LM2)".
v4.1.1 2020-11-11
  • Added custom character icons for original Mario Kart Wii users.
  • Corrected some text on the title screen for CTGP Revolution users.
v4.2 2020-11-15 Added 10 songs.
v4.3 2020-11-19
v4.4 2020-12-01
v4.5 2021-01-08
v5.0 2021-02-18
v5.1 2021-03-15
  • Added combined Award.szs.
  • Added Yoshi's Highway, replacing Morning Sun.
  • Replaced SNES Battle Course 4 and GBA Battle Course 3 music.
  • Remade Mushroom Gorge music.
v6.0 2021-05-03
v7.0 2022-01-16
v7.1 2022-02-14
  • Added Hammer Bro (UltraWario), replacing Hammer Bro (JuniorMBW).
  • Reverted Daisy Circuit, Bowser's Castle and SNES Ghost Valley 2 music.
  • Added Formula Kart Wii and LE-CODE character support.
  • Fixed Formula Kart Wii-related character crash.
  • Remade all menu files.
  • Removed duplicate files.

Known Bugs

Korean translations are not applied, as no files are present.

By the same author: Krummers

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Texture Hacks:
Sabulous Sandcastle

Track Edits:
SNES Battle Course 4 (Race)Carcanut MallCasino Zone (Race)Chain Chomp RollercoasterClosed Dark MallDelfino Pier (Race)Mario Circuit (Offroad Swap)Object Hunt
Penguin's Ice MinePokémon BeachShy Guy SummitGCN Sticky MountainSpooky Toys (Race)Velvet Plaza (Race)Wuhu Plaza (Race)

Reversed Tracks:
SNES Mario Circuit 1RSNES Donut Plains 1RSNES Choco Island 1RSNES Mock-Up Valley 2RSNES Donut Plains 2RSNES Vanilla Lake 1RSNES Koopa Beach 2R
N64 Moo Moo Farm RN64 Mario Raceway HD RMario Circuit RQuag Beach R

Character Textures:
Birdo (Yellow)Dry Bowser (Gold)Gold MarioKing Boo (Gold)

Vehicle Texture:
Dark Trickster

Custom Track Updates:
Custom Tracks:
10 Jumps to Victory8-Bit Road (+ Battle Arena)A Small Course 2Aperture LaboratoriesBlood Moon ForestSM64 Bowser in the Dark WorldBowser's Flooded Castle (Nanoman6666)
Choco Island 666Circuit BoardwayCoin Runner CircuitSM64 Cool, Cool MountainGold Leaf SkywayHouse LoopIcepeak MountainIn a DaysSM64 Inside the Ancient Pyramid
Jungle JivesKoopa's Botanical GardenLava PitRainy CircuitSix King LabyrinthSkyscraper SewerwaySlot CircuitThunder CanyonVVVVVV CircuitVVVVVV Circuit 2
VVVVVV Circuit 3Warp Pipe Island

Retro Tracks:
SNES Donut Plains 1 (zilly)SNES Choco Island 2 (Kozakura)SNES Vanilla Lake 1 (James)SNES Choco Island 3 (Kozakura)N64 Frappe Snowland (AltairYoshi)GCN Mario Circuit (Bri)
GCN Mario Circuit (Yoshidude4)DS Cheep Cheep Beach (sup3rsmash8)DS Waluigi Pinball (Sniki)DS Bowser Castle (Sniki)DS Nokonoko Beach (Ermelber, Yoshidude4 & Turbo Yoshi)
DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball (Skipper93653)DS Waluigi Pinball Beta (Yoshidude4, Gericom, Ermelber, & Turbo Yoshi)DS Donkey Course (wg93589)DS Dokan Course (Keiichi1996)
3DS Maka Wuhu (FunkyDude15 & Wexos)Tour New York Minute 4 (TheGamingBram)Tour N64 Kalimari Desert 2 (Bruh de la Boi)RMX Choco Island 1 (Kozakura)RMX Choco Island 2 (Kozakura)

Custom Battle Arena Updates:
Retro Battle Arenas:
N64 Big Donut (UltraWario)N64 Block Fort (AltairYoshi)N64 Double Deck (Mystora)Minecraft SkyscraperSpacey Battle RoadGCN Tilt-a-Kart (Tock)DS Nintendo DS (AltairYoshi)
Classic DS Twilight HouseMisty Twilight HouseDS Palm Shore (Retrostyle12)DS Tart Top (Questorian)DS MR_stage1 (Retrostyle12) + (UltraWario)DS MR_stage2 (Retrostyle12) + (UltraWario)
DS MR_stage3 (Retrostyle12) + (UltraWario)3DS Honeybee Hive (Atlas)3DS Sherbet Rink (Skipper93653)3DS Wuhu Town (Skipper93653)

Track Edit Updates:
Chocoshroom RidgeCogumelo MinesGalactic MallMushroom ParkRotated Wario's Gold MineSweet Summit

Texture Hack Update:
Yoshi's City

Custom Menus:
American English MenuSingleCTGP MenuSingle

Character Texture Update:
Dry Bones (Gold)