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As of July 2022, I have decided to slowly take a step back from MKWii and the community for several reasons. I expect to retire this year once all my projects are dealt with. To know more of why all of that is, read this document.

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Hey there! I'm AltairYoshi, or simply Altair! I'm a big fan of everything Nintendo and especially the Mario series. I have a variety of hobbies, such as art, video editing, gaming, and of course modding! I've been modding games since 2018, with my main focus being Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS. I don't play or mod the games as much as I used to, as my interests have been changing, but I'm making some things here and there.

For my tracks, I use Blender. My primary track design motto is to make tracks that really feel like places in the Mario universe when it comes to their settings and themes, with gameplay that aims to be somewhat interesting, and fair for all vehicles and players. I'm not very skilled at the game, so high level strats and cuts are not to be expected of what I make. Above all, I enjoy making visually appealing tracks and exploring the wide variety of KMP objects the game offers.

My policies regarding my creations are lax for the most part. If you wish to make a small update to one of my tracks, such as a bug fix or slot change, go ahead. If the update greatly concerns gameplay or visuals, I'd appreciate a message on Discord about it. Adding any of my tracks and mods to a distribution is totally fine by me, thank you if you do! If there's a texture, model or object I created that you wish to use in your track feel free, but I'd appreciate credit in the wiki page. Most of my textures are from Nintendo however, so those are obviously fair game. Chances are that any custom objects/models I make will also be released publicly later on, in which case they'll be listed in the Other Mods section of this page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my mods!

Fun facts about me!

  • I'm from Puerto Rico, and Spanish is my native language.
  • Yoshi is my favorite character ever. (shocker!)
  • My favorite games are Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. I also love basically all games in the Ace Attorney series.
  • I started out modeling with SketchUp before switching to Blender in 2019.
  • Super Mario Galaxy modding is the reason I even mod games today, but I'm yet to make a proper mod for it. Hopefully soon!
  • I've tinkered with almost every file format we can edit in this game, for the sake of fun.
  • My activity around the community ebbs and flows, but you're most likely to find me on the Custom Track Jams Discord server.

Custom Tracks

Track Version Notes Update planned?
Cliffside Circuit v2.3 My first ever custom track! No
Luxville v1.0 A track dedicated to a friend. No
Snowy Thrill Trail v1.0 A snowy downhill with broken boost pads. No
SNES Ghost Valley 3 v2.0 A reimagined version of an underrated classic. Yes, bug fixes
N64 Toad's Turnpike v2.3 Based on the MK8 version. First track to be fully done in Blender! No
Puzzle Plank Pass v1.0 Designed by B O Y, my first track to include shadow mapping. Yes, visual overhaul
Parallel Purgatory v1.0 Collab with j8bit-forager. No
Sarasa Kingdom v1.8 Designed by SkippDT64, my most detailed track. No
Moonlight Lake v1.0 A peaceful track based on a lake near my area. Yes, remake
Wario's Cosmic Construction v1.3 Collab with JadenMKW for the Custom Track Jams. No
Bonita Harbor Beta Made for the CT Jams, really proud of the visuals. Yes, remake
N64 Frappe Snowland v1.3.1 Based on the MKT version. Why does it have Frappe in the name? No
Flash Black Forest Beta Made for the CT Jams, features a very flashy gimmick! Yes, remake
Tropical Cloudway v1.1 Collab with Kozakura for the CT Jams. No
Tour Merry Mountain v1.0 Collab with Luca. One of my favorite MKT tracks! No
Frostburn Falls v1.1 CT Jam track. Yoshi Falls meets Shiverburn Galaxy! No
Seaside Dash v1.0 Turbo Jam track. A very speedy beach drive! Yes, replay cams
Rocky River Frenzy v1.0 Turbo Jam track. A frantic drive through rivers and falling rocks! Yes, replay cams
Stardust Pathway v1.0 Turbo Jam track. Inspired by Space Junk Galaxy! Yes, replay cams

Unfinished Tracks

In this video you can see a small collection of tracks that never made it very far in their development stages. All of these have a small story to tell, so feel free to give them a look. Will I return to these ideas someday? I highly doubt it, but I will admit I remain fond of the latter two...

Unfinished Tracks Showcase

Custom Battle Arenas

Arena Version Notes Update planned?
Moonview Plaza v2.1 My first custom arena! No
DS Nintendo DS v1.5 An improved port of a memorable arena! No
N64 Block Fort v1.2 The iconic fort with a fresh look! No

Texture Hacks

Texture Version Notes Update planned?
Cosmic Yoshi v1.0 A texture based on SMG's Cosmic Clones. No
Snowview Highway v1.0 A snowy Moonview Highway! No
Retro Bowser's Castle v1.0 A retro makeover to a retro track. :P No
Mr. L v1.0 The Green Thunder himself! No
Midnight Square v1.0 My favorite texture I've made. No
Nighttime Hills v1.0 Desert Hills, but at night. Cool, huh? No
Ice Yoshi v1.0 A chilly mod giving Yoshi the SMG Ice Flower look! No

Other Mods

Mod Version Notes Update planned?
Altair's Music Pack v1.0 My personal music pack! No
Delfino (Font) v1.0 A font seen in several 3D Marios, now in MKWii! No
Lilypad Lake v1.4 I designed the layout, and Sheale made it a reality!

Future Plans

  • Major updates to Puzzle Plank Pass, Moonlight Lake, Flash Black Forest and Bonita Harbor.
  • A brand new custom track and battle arena. More on these soon!
  • A character model edit. Yes, it's going to be for Yoshi lol.