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I'm NiAlBlack, a custom track creator and a Midtown Madness 2 mod creator. I'm mainly focusing on ports, especially on GBA and SNES ports, but I'm also planning to do some entirely new tracks.

Custom Tracks

non-announced tracks in development which will probably be finished (sorted by priority)
  • Magic Mirror Pathway (a track which is mirrored, but on the other side of the mirror the track is haunted)
  • GBA Broken Pier
  • Waluigi Airport (I may post a pic of what I designed)
  • GCN Luigi Circuit (50cc)
non-announced tracks in development which may not be finished
  • GBA Lakeside Park

Please don't add any non-announced CT's to any other page!!!

planned tracks
  • GBA Riverside Park
  • LEGO Racers Rocket Racer Run
  • LEGO Racers Adventure Temple Trail
  • LEGO Racers Alien Rally Asteroid
  • Cheese Land (an entirely new track, not a port of the GBA version)
  • Wario Harbour (this track is gonna be similar to 3DS Wario Shipyard, but it is not gonna be a scary track and there won't be a wreck, it could be like 3DS Wario Shipyard looked before it became abandoned)
  • Unnamed NSMBWii-styled cave
  • Wiggler Jungle
  • Boo's Ghost House
  • Cumulus Cloud Cluster
  • Spooky Mansion
  • Mushroom Woods (This track will make use of the flying/gliding glitch, it way be removed for online play though)
  • Mars Maze
  • Soccer Stadium

Please don't steal my ideas, if you are interested in them, please contact me and we may develop a CT together!


If you want to contact me you can just post on my Talk Page or you can use following contact data. You can contact me in English or German, whatever you prefer. I'd recommend you to contact me on Youtube or Facebook, because I always check it!

contact data