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YouTube: ImaginationStation39
Discord: NateFox#3603

About the Author

Hello, I'm Nate Fox! I'm a 3D Artist studying Animation and Game Design.

In 2010 I created a YouTube channel under the name Imagination Station 39. I recorded Mario Kart Wii content and taught myself how to edit and publish videos.

A year or two after custom tracks came out I started playing around with modeling and texture editing. It was only a brief week or two of learning a 3D application, but it inspired me to want to make more content. Years later I began studying modeling and animation in a university setting. The knowledge I learned helped me jump back on my bucket list so I could develop my first custom track!

Custom Tracks

  • Pianta Shore - Visit the city and get sand in your tires! This is my first (fully-working??) custom track. It's loosely based on the color and style of Greek architecture with blue-colored dome rooftops and steep cliffs. I developed this with the intent to learn BrawlBox!

Application Knowledge

  • I mainly work in Autodesk Maya. I have about 3-4 years of experience.
  • To compile a custom track I use BrawlBox, KMP Cloud, SZS Modifier, and Wiimms SZS Tools. My knowledge is fairly limited, but I can do just about anything ranging from animating a custom model to setting up routes, cameras, and objects.
  • I use Photoshop to create and edit new textures.
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Custom Tracks:
Pianta Shore