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N14 (It/Its)

About Me

Hi, My name is Yuuki Skye Takahashi. Im a 22 year old nonbinary person on the internet. My hobbies include Mario Kart Modding and Pokemon fangaames.

Lately I've been struggling to get things done in life. With emotional instability being the cause. I generally don't do well without the support of my angel, whom I no longer can call my partner.
I'm currently not looking for a romantic partner, nor advice on how to deal with the loss. I want to learn how to deal with this kind of stuff by myself.

I am currently also stuggling with my gender identity again, with my opinion about myself heavily swinging between femboy and trans girl. I genuinely dont know what to call myself, but since Femboys also generally appear more feminine, you may refer to me as a femboy, With feminine titles (queen instead of king for example.)

I would like to make more content on this website. I would genuinely appreciate feedback on things I can improve on. Feel free to use my talk page to seek contact regarding my tracks. Also please credit me if you are using any of my submitted assets.

Below is a list of friends I've made over time that also have a wiki page.


Planned Projects

  • Mario Kart Wii Riddim Music Pack.
  • Mario Kart Wii but its music from Super Mario Galaxy. (because galaxy music is Pogchamp.)
  • Hellish Coconut Mall - The next entry in the Hellish Series.
  • Hellish Mario Kart, AKA The Hellish Series - A series of texture hacks that aim to put all of Mario Kart Wii in a Hellish Atmosphere.

Finished Projects


By the same author: N14

Dubstep Music Pack

Character Textures:
The Glitchy Funky BoyPaint MarioPaint Luigi

Texture Hacks:
Hellish RoadScorching SunHellish Luigi CircuitHell MallMario Circuit

Custom Track Updates:
Hacked Jungle