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What is the My Stuff Folder?

If you have ever used CTGP Revolution or various other custom track distributions then you may have noticed that on the Riivolution screen there is an option for My Stuff to be enabled or disabled. Skipping back to your SD card, within the mkwii folder you installed is another folder titled My Stuff that is completely empty. The purpose of this folder is to add other edits to your game that allow for a more personal play style than you would find within a CT distribution alone.

The most common uses of the My Stuff folder are to apply texture hacks (a list of which can be found here), BRSTM (music) edits, or from the point of view of CT creators themselves it is very useful for playtesting their work prior to release.

How to use My Stuff

Obviously, if you want to have personalized edits in your game then you will first need to place an edited file in the My Stuff folder, but the file will not just magically appear in your game just because you have placed it here. In order for your game to know where the file should be, you will need to name the file the correct thing depending on where you actually want it loaded (for a full list of file names, click into the relevant subdirectory from this page).

So for example, if you wanted to place a texture hack of Luigi Circuit in your game you would need to name the file beginner_course.szs, because that is what the file is called in the normal version of Mario Kart Wii - therefore the game will search My Stuff for the file and load it instead of loading the one from your game disc.

BRSTM edits work in much the same way: if you wanted to place the lap 1 and 2 music of Luigi Circuit then the file must be named n_Circuit32_n.brstm, but if you wanted to replace the lap 3 version of this track then the file must be called n_Circuit32_f.brstm (note: you can change one of these without altering the other should you wish to do so).

A download of a My Stuff folder loaded through Riivolution can be found here.

Known Bugs

The original Mario Kart Wii filesystem contains two files with the same name, Award.szs. Your game may freeze if having one of them into the My Stuff folder since the data of one will be applied to both.

How to make edits for My Stuff

If you would like to make your own edits to use in Mario Kart Wii but are unsure how, then please visit the links below for more information about how to do so:

Custom music tutorial

Texture hacking tutorial

Various others