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YouTube: Mxxntain.
Discord: 『Mxxntain.』#0334

Hi, I'm Mxxntain.
I do various small modding things, and generally just like messing around with files in the common.szs. I do enjoy making brtsms and character textures aswell. I also make youtube videos so check that out aswell.

Character Textures

Name Initial Release Current Version
Chromatic Funky Kong (Funky Kong Texture) 12/01/2023 v1.0
Poison Purple Funky Kong (Funky Kong Texture) 19/01/2023 v1.0
By the same author: Mxxntain.

Character Textures:
Chromatic Funky KongPoison Purple Funky Kong

Other Mods:
Meme Sound Effects

Mxxntains. Music Dist