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Youtube: MultiMariokartds
Discord: Multimariokartds #2132

Hi, this is Multimariokartds. I've been out of the Mario Kart Wii CT community for 5 years (2013-2018) because I had lost interest in CT making, but I've always stayed up to date with the latest CT releases. I dropped out of the community just when I learned how to make a very good track, which doesn't really make sense, but well, it just happened. Now I'm back creating custom tracks, hoping I can get rid of that sense of "regret" that I always felt not having released a track that demonstrated my full abilities. Dragon Burying Grounds is the track that represents the start of this new period of good CTs.

Starting with Dragon Burying Grounds, I create some of the textures I use in my tracks. You don't have to ask me to use them, but please give me credit for it.

My Custom Tracks

Name Status
Castle in the Sky V1.0
Snowpoint Valley V1.0
Dragon Burying Grounds V2.4
Volcano Canyon V2.2
N.I.S.W.O.E. Desert V1.3
Green Forest V2.0
Luigi's Village V1.0
Rubik Circuit V1.0
Night Mountain V2.0
Glaced Valley Beta
The Box v1.0