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Avatar: MrTamkis avatar.png
Website: EagleSoft Ltd.
YouTube: MrTamk1s
Github: Tamk1s
Mario Kart Wii FC: 5288-8128-4674

Hello, my name is MrTamkis! I am a hobbyist video game developer and retro video gaming enthusiast, who occasionally helps develop professional games in the Indie video game industry. I am well skilled in C# programming and Unity3D development, Visual Basic, and a few other programming languages. 3D modelling is another strong skill of mine.

When not making games professionally, I love tinkering around with older video game consoles and software. Here at the MKWiiki, I primarily focus on porting levels from good but obscure driving games into Mario Kart Wii, either as custom battle arenas or as race tracks. I will eventually get around to making original tracks when I am more acquainted with modding Mario Kart Wii.

By the same author: MrTamkis

Hover! Pack

Battle Arenas:
Hover! Maze 1Hover! Maze 2Hover! Maze 3Hover! CreditsMTM64 Arena Rumble