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Profile Picture MrFib's Avatar.png
Discord: MrFib#4601
YouTube: MrFib
Twitter: @mrfib_gaming
MKW Friend Codes:
  • Main: 3828-5234-2373
  • CT: 0521-3986-8126
  • Other: 2540-0334-4094


Used to be active in the Mario Kart Wii scene. I dabble from time to time.


Name Role(s) Author(s)
Chomp Valley Remake Tester Skipper93653 and TheGamingBram
Skipper's 200kmh Distribution Graphic Designer, Tester Skipper93653, PhillyG, Tombwarrior, I_think_therefore_I_am, NicoPlaysThings, TheChibiKing, Cotni, TheGamingBram, KantoEpic, MrFib
Jungle Circuit Supplied the skybox and a retextured flag CLF78
Variety Pack Graphic Designer, Developer Tombwarrior, Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, MrFib, Diamond, Brawlboxgaming, vick__, Bear
Variety Pack Lite Graphic Designer Brawlboxgaming


Title Type Release Date Current Verison
MrFib Funky Texture 2017-11-04 v2.0
Light Blue Toadette Texture 2017-11-07 v1.0
Fib Circuit Custom Track ??? In Development
Pikachu Funky Texture 2018-02-02 v1.0
Halloween Funky Texture 2018-10-28 v1.0
Santa Funky Texture 2018-12-17 v1.0
Summer Funky Texture 2019-07-20 v1.0
Course.0 Retextured Texture 2019-08-21 v1.0
James Charles Funky Texture 2020-02-16 v1.0
James Charles Daisy Texture 2020-02-16 v1.0
Dance Gavin Dance Funky Texture 2023-11-11 v1.0