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Avatar: MichaelMichael54321's Profile Picture.png
Date of Birth: February 12, 1999
Country: United States of America
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Favorite Mario Character: Male: Yoshi

Female: Rosalina

Favorite Mario Kart Game: Mario Kart Wii
Discord: Mikeish#1874

About Me

(Alternately known as YoshiFanX54321)

Mario Kart has been a special thing to me as a child (and still going) and will be always remembered in my heart as a "life-changer". My first Mario Kart game was Mario Kart 64 and I can hear myself cursing at the game, mainly due to the infamous rubberband artifical intelligence the game used. I still had fun, especially with friends playing on my sister's N64 and even on my own Wii. I won't forget the other Mario Kart titles like Super Mario Kart, Super Circuit, Double Dash, but I didn't have much memories from those games as MK64. I didn't want to forget: Mario Kart DS' local multiplayer was AWESOME, especially at school with 7 other DS/3DS systems! Wi-Fi, on the other hand...was glitchy--at least in the races I played--I didn't race over Wi-Fi that much.

Now, as I am typing this, I can faintly remember about my first experience with Mario Kart Wii, and my own eventual copy. I was at a relative's house, and their son owned the Wii, and of course, the game. They offered me to try the game, and I figured why not. What threw me off, of course, is the motion controls, and so, I was holding the Wiimote vertically and pressing the buttons, thinking you point at the screen and you go based on your pointing. Once I got a hold of the Wii Wheel, things became much simpler and I actually went to win my first race. I enjoyed the experience, and by the time I got my own Wii, I actually got the bundle, which packaged the game and the Wii Wheel. Much time spent into the game, and I felt like I was a pro, eventually ditching the Wii Wheel (but I still keep it nice and clean). As for the online experience, however, it wasn't as pleasant. Bikes were EVERYWHERE! I was using bikes as well, but it's clear the bikes overpopulated the karts, as I hardly came across any kart players. My obvious guess would be wheelies as you gain speed by doing a wheelie, which karts can't do. There was also cheaters I came across--rapidly bombs and lightning bolts, it wasn't fair for me or anybody else that was trying to race to even play. There's even one race where the race exceeded the time limit as nobody finished. There was also me being outplayed a lot when I finally got a Golden Wheel rank and other miscellaneous bad luck at the time adding to the online woes. Then the Nintendo WFC shutdown happened, and it was honestly sad. Eventually, support for the Wii-Server Project came in and then-new replacement servers were now a reality!

CTGP Revolution was the key evidence to make me believe creating custom levels were possible. Ever since then, I have been playing custom tracks, then in March 2013, I discovered this site and joined. That's when I started using the "My Stuff" folder for my own play sessions. With each major update, I was playing less of the included tracks and instead playing with the ones I downloaded from this Wiiki, mainly because I could play with a select few, then play another few, and also play versions of retro tracks that, in my opinion, are better than the ones included in the distribution.

Now about custom tracks: I found the creation process difficult when I first came across the Wiiki as the terms being thrown around were new to me. Nowadays, I don't really mind the difficult process it goes since I wasn't THAT interested in making my own tracks. I liked CTs to a point that I wanted to do at least one of my own, but I honestly think, now looking back, I was letting the excitement getting to my head--like most rad stuff I come across. So yeah, I am better off making custom music instead for my own pleasure. That doesn't mean I won't stop playing CTs, though. Maybe, in the future, I'll attempt to do this again...

I am one of the people that has been on the Wiiki for over a year that hasn't made a custom track, battle stage, texture hack, or of yet. Seriously! You could make a long list of users that made an account after mine that is currently active on the Wiiki as of now that has made at least one piece of originality.

As for other games besides Mario Kart, I play some of those as well, including, but not limited to, other Mario games. I also have a fond passion of cars, so game series like Need For Speed, Gran Turismo, and Forza I enjoy as well. I'm also into the Super Smash Bros. series of games, with Melee being my personal favorite, and no, I'm not an elitist--I just grew up playing this game and spending more time on than the other games.

Current Status

I still own my SDHC card, but all the methods requires a 2GB SD card, and the Letterbomb exploit is not even possible. The Smash Stack exploit is definitely doable since I have Brawl, but until I get that SD card, MKWii mod usage from me is suspended...again. --Michael (talk) 20:48, 8 November 2018 (UTC)

Favorite Mario Kart Tracks

Personal favorites are projected below. That doesn't mean I don't like other tracks as well. Battle stages are at the bottom.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 is based on the 4 new tracks added on from GP's tracklist: the 2 Yoshi Parks, and the 2 Waluigi Cup courses.

By the same author: MichaelMichael54321

MKW Hack Pack [design of front cover with help from Larsen]
N64 Royal Raceway (Baoulettes & LuigiM) [v2.1-easy: a branch that removes the falling rocks for nostalgic purposes]
GBA Battle Course 2 (Tock) [port of the GBA Bowser Castle 2 vrcorn as both maps share the same background in the original game, thanks to maczkopeti for positioning]

Wiiki contributions
CT8 contributions