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Fun Facts
Favourite Bike Combo: Yoshi on Dolphin Dasher
Favourite Kart Combo: Yoshi on Sunday Driver
Favorite Custom Track: Electric Shredder
Favorite Type of Bread: 🥖

and literally nothing else

Hi, i'm just your average french wiiki user.

I still have no clue how mediawiki works so most of this page is just picked from other user pages. sorry!

My only contributions on the wiiki will most likely be translations and adding media to wiiki pages without footage because i don't really have any in-game modding skills.

My Projects

THP Edits
Name Targeted THP File Status
Formula Kart Wii Credits ending_normal.thp Released!
YDKJ V4 THE RIDE inspired intros for

Intermezzo, MKF, MKH and FKW

title.thp Proof of concept complete,

collecting clips

'Piracy it's a Crime' inspired intro for Formula Kart Wii title.thp clip collection on indefinite hiatus
Other Projects
Name Type Status
Corrupted Luigi Circuit Texture Hack Released!
By the same author: ManginPlay

Texture Hacks:
Corrupted Luigi Circuit

Other Mods:
FKW Credits