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Avatar: Questorian's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Questorian #5227
Youtube: Questorian

Hi, my name is Questorian, formerly known as Man-O-Wii, and I used to be an active track creator and community member until February of 2022, after which I have decided to distance myself from the community. Despite this distancing, I still may attempt to create things now and then, so keep on the lookout for that.

My Creations

Feel free to use resources from any of my tracks apart from Empty Space, which also should not be updated due to it being my favorite, personal best, and most impactful track of mine. All other works can be updated, but I would rather full remakes not occur unless I give permission to do so, which can be obtained by contacting me through Discord if you are so inclined. Obviously if you feel the need to ask me before making a simpler update to one of my tracks I definitely appreciate it, again you can contact me through Discord for that.

By the same author: Questorian

Empty Space

Custom Tracks:
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Tracks I've Updated:
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