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There exists a large set of domains following the name scheme <GAME>.ms<NUMBER> All domains point to the same server. Mario Kart Wii uses

The server listen at TCP port 28910 and accepts database queries to handle the matchmaking in global and continental races. The server is also used room races to check if the profile is already connected to WFC.

General Description

This server is used for continental and global races in MKWii.

Games, users and keywords

Data members

Request send by the clients

Responses send by the server

Encoding and Decoding

Server number

The server number (for MKWii it's 19) can be calculated with this code. The needed parameter is the game name string ("mariokartwii").

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	int i = 0;
	unsigned int server = 0;

	for(i = 0; i < strlen(argv[1]); i++)
		unsigned char c = tolower(argv[1][i]);
		server = c - (server * 0x63306ce7);
	server %= 20;

	printf("", argv[1], server);

	return 0;

Other Servers

Network Protocol Servers
DNS Name IP Address Port Protocol Description 29920 These are looked up, but never used. TCP These are looked up, but never used. 29900 TCP This connection is used to manage friends and to inform about one's status. 29901 TCP This server exchanges profile IDs into nicks. 27900 UDP This checks if the server is available. 28910 TCP This server handles database requests for online matchmaking. 27901 UDP NATNEG is a way to bypass NAT and firewalls. 27901 UDP NATNEG is a way to bypass NAT and firewalls. 27901 UDP NATNEG is a way to bypass NAT and firewalls. 443 TCP/HTTP(S) This server handles Mii exchanges and ghost up- and downloads.
443 TCP/HTTP(S) The authority DNS server delivers randomly both IP addresses with a time to live of 30 seconds to support a kind of load balancing. 443 TCP/HTTP(S) This server is used for Time Trial and Competition leaderboards and the actual competition distribution.

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