MKWii Network Protocol/QUIT

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This pages is related to MKWii Network Protocol and describes the record type QUIT.

Every time a client (1 or 2 users of a Wii) leaves a room or race, it sends to all other active clients the QUIT message. A QUIT message is a simple 3 bytes long packet: fe fe 68

Notes after some observations
  • QUIT is used, if you leave a room or between global races.
  • If switching the Wii off by using the Wiimote, QUIT messages are also send.
  • After sending QUIT to all other clients, MKW waits a little bit. If more packets arrive, that a new QUIT message is send for each arrived packet.
  • A QUIT message is also send as acknowledge for a received QUIT. So, it does not mean "I quit the race", but "I close the connection to you".