MKWahPhil's Custom Music Pack

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MKWahPhil's Custom Music Pack
Author: MKWahPhil
Type: My Stuff
Version: v1.4
Date of latest version: 2023-01-31
Download: Google Drive


MKWahPhil's Custom Music Pack is a custom music distribution created by MKWahPhil. It contains music for all 42 tracks and battle arenas, as well as certain menus and other stuff. The distribution features music from a variety of different video game franchises. This has the unique aspect of having different music for the first and final laps.


v1.0 – v1.4 Presentation


Track Listing
Cup Track Music Music (Final Lap)
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit Mario Kart 8 - Mario Circuit Wario Land: Shake It! - Windbreak Bay
Moo Moo Meadows Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Torigoth Super Mario 3D World - Double Cherry Pass
Mushroom Gorge Pokémon Sun and Moon - Battle! (Gladion) (Kamex Remix) Geometry Dash Meltdown - Airborne Robots
Toad's Factory Sonic Mania - Studiopolis, Act 1 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Heartful Cry -in Mayonaka Arena- [Aegis' Theme]
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit Mario Kart 8 - Mario Circuit Wario Land: Shake It! - Windbreak Bay
Coconut Mall Mario Kart 8 - Super Bell Subway Mario Kart 8 - Sunshine Airport
DK Summit Mario Kart Tour - Vancouver Velocity Miitopia - Battle: Powdered Peaks
Wario's Gold Mine Wario Land: Shake It! - Stonetooth Cave Wario Land: Shake It! - Gurgle Gulch
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Light Plane Mario Kart Tour - Sydney Sprint
Koopa Cape Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Bramble Blast Sonic Generations - Seaside Hill (Modern)
Maple Treeway Mario Kart 8 - Wild Woods Miitopia - Battle: Realm of the Fey
Grumble Volcano Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Incoming! Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character - Reverse Ideology
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Gritzy Desert Wario Land: Shake It! - Disturbing Tomb
Moonview Highway Wario Land: Shake It! - Neon City Miitopia - Battle: New Lumos
Bowser's Castle Super Mario 3D World - Simmering Lava Lake Mario Kart 7 - Bowser's Castle
Rainbow Road Xenoblade Chronicles - Engage the Enemy Pokémon Sword and Shield - Battle! (Eternatus - Phase 3) (Vetrom Remix)
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach Super Mario 3D World - Sunshine Seaside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Treasure Trove Cove
DS Yoshi Falls Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Yoshi Star Galaxy Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Yoshi's Island
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Super Mario Galaxy - Deep Dark Galaxy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - GCN Luigi's Mansion
N64 Mario Raceway Mario Kart 7 - Toad Circuit Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith - Native Faith
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land Mario Kart 8 - GCN Sherbet Land Mario Kart 8 - Ice Ice Outpost
GBA Shy Guy Beach New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Beach Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Riding Plessie Across Lake Lapcat
DS Delfino Square Mario Kart 8 - Toad Harbor Sonic Generations - Rooftop Run (Classic)
GCN Waluigi Stadium Mario Kart 8 - DS Wario Stadium Mario Kart 8 - Mute City
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills Miitopia - Stage: Neksdor Desert Miitopia - Battle: Neksdor
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Wario Land: Shake It! - Mt. Lava Lava Super Mario Odyssey - Underground Moon Caverns (Moon Kingdom)
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Wario Land: Shake It! - Ropey Jungle Madagascar: Operation Penguin - Bird Cages/Monkey Pen
GCN Mario Circuit Mario Kart DS - Shroom Ridge (Panman Music Remix) Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Angel Island Zone
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Title Theme - NES Remix 2 Super Mario Bros. 35 - Menu
DS Peach Gardens Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U - Route 10 - Pokémon Black / Pokémon White Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Kass's Theme
GCN DK Mountain Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - The Wind is Blowing at Cavi Cape Mario Kart 7 - Rock Rock Mountain
N64 Bowser's Castle New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Castle (NoteBlock Remix) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - The Final Battle


Arena Listing
Cup Track Music Music (Final Minute)
Wii Stages.png
Wii Stages
Block Plaza Mario Kart 8 - GBA Ribbon Road Miitopia - Battle: Peculia
Delfino Pier Miitopia - Stage: Galados Isle Miitopia - Battle: Galados Island
Funky Stadium Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Meta Knight's Revenge Mario Kart 8 - Excitebike Arena
Chain Chomp Wheel Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver - Game Corner (Zame Remix) Mario Kart 8 - 3DS Music Park
Thwomp Desert Brawl Stars - Battle 3 Super Mario Odyssey - Riding a Jaxi
Retro Stages.png
Retro Stages
SNES Battle Course 4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Battle Stadium Miitopia - Battle: Greenhorne
GBA Battle Course 3 Mario Kart 8 - GBA Ribbon Road Miitopia - Battle: Peculia
N64 Skyscraper Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Mushroom Bridge/Mushroom City Mario Kart 8 - 3DS Neo Bowser City
GCN Cookie Land Mario Kart 8 - GCN Baby Park
DS Twilight House Miitopia - Stage: Eerie Road Miitopia - Stage: Otherworld


Other Music Listing
Original Music
Race Intro Wii Sports - Course Intro (Golf)
Wi-Fi Race/Battle Start Persona 5 Royal - Colors Flying High
1st Place Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Victory! (Shulk) (First part)
Mario Kart 8 - Mute City/Big Blue Results (Second part)
2nd-5th Place Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Victory! (Byleth) (First part)
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - The Heirs to Eternity (Second part)
6th-12th Place Super Mario 64 - Game Over (First part)
Pokémon Black and White - N's Farewell (Second part)
Wi-Fi Menu Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Bonus Mode
Ghost Replay/Spectating Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Equestrian
Options Menu Miitopia - Makeup: Start & Makeup: Eyes
Main Menu Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Bonus Mode

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-10-02 First release
v1.1 2021-11-20 Changed N64 DK's Jungle Parkway final lap and GCN DK Mountain normal lap music.
v1.2 2022-01-18 Changed Koopa Cape final lap and Bowser's Castle normal lap music.
v1.3 2022-03-04 Changed Luigi Circuit final lap, GCN Mario Circuit normal lap and options menu music.
v1.4 2023-01-31 Changed Koopa Cape normal lap and GBA Shy Guy Beach final lap music.
By the same author: MKWahPhil