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Animated Characters

Speedy Spirit BETA V0.75

Replaces Mario, little small but I can't do anything about that

Zekrom v1.0

Replaces Bowser, vehicles included, no multiplayer CPU models

Groudon v1.0

Replaces Dry Bowser, vehicles included, CSS and Map Icon included, no multiplayer CPU models

Texture Hacks (Characters)

Squirtle Final v1.0

Over Koopa, vehicles and stuff included

SMAS Mario Final v1.0

Over Mario, vehicles and stuff included

Misty Final v1.0

Over Rosalina, vehicles and stuff included

By the same author: LuigiGalaxy530

Custom Characters:
Speedy SpiritZekromSnivyMayVictiniLucarioGroudonBlazikenRenamon on Dolphin DasherTotodile

Character Textures: