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Thanks for coming to my page! I'm very new to custom MkWii, so I'm still quite inexperienced.

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Suggest a Custom Character

I'd usually have a form here, but I've been really busy and I haven't touched MKWii since summer of '21, so when I get back into it, I'll open it up, but for now, I'm on hiatus

Character Series Suggested By Status Notes
Corrin Fire Emblem Lily Lambda Released
Cacodemon Doom Lily Lambda Released
Camilla Fire Emblem FireFlower46 Released In hindsight, I should've made Corrin medium and Camilla heavy, but oh well
Noelle Black Clover BWP Planned
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Heyfishboi Planned
Deku My Hero Academia FireFlower46 Planned
Hat Kid A Hat in Time Switchsurf WIP
Dante Devil May Cry Gamer McClout & Bongo Time Under Review
Master Kohga Zelda Gamer McClout Under Review
Ghosts Luigi's Mansion Withheld due to denial Denied There's better options imo. I'm not really a fan of Luigi's Mansion
Byleth Fire Emblem Victini777 Planned
Falco (Melee) Star Fox Anonymous Under Review
Ruby RWBY Lily Lambda Planned
By the same author: LilyLambda

Custom Characters: