Legacy Kart Wii

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Legacy Kart Wii
Cover Image: Legacy Kart Wii Logo.png
Authors: ZPL, _tZ, YoshTaku
Type: Riivolution, ISO Patcher
Tracks: 144 Tracks
Version: v1.1
Date of latest version: 2019-08-03
Download: Google Drive
Discord Server: Legacy Kart Wii™


Legacy Kart Wii is a custom track distribution that is developed by ZPL, _tZ and YoshTaku. It is a revival of the Legacy Pack distribution that was announced in early 2018 by vick__ and Sasuke, though it was discontinued later that year. This distribution features 144 tracks that set a legacy in the custom track community; as in, older Mario Kart Wii custom tracks that have been forgotten about and how they started this community we know today. This custom track distribution also includes the 32 regular Nintendo tracks.

Track Wishlist

If you would like to suggest a custom track to be featured in a future version, or fix a custom track for this distribution, please visit the track wishlist. A track may not be accepted if the original release date was after January 1, 2015.


Currently no media

Track Listing

The tracklists for v1.0 and v1.1 can be found here and here, which contains 36 cups with 144 tracks. This tracklist does not contain the regular tracks that are also incorporated into this distribution.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-06-20 First release
v1.0-Hotfix 2019-06-21
  • Added "Always 150cc" code to Regular.
  • Changed "Max Speed Modifier" to "Engine Class Modifier" for 200cc mode.
v1.1 2019-08-03 Updated and replaced tracks.
By the same author: ZPL

Custom Tracks:
Grassy PlainsFrigid FreezewayGlistening HighwayDivine ParadiseQuag BeachSacred AbyssSeasonal PlanetDistant DimensionTimber RapidsAqua Dungeon
Confectionery CliffsToxic Mushroom FallsChristmas FactoryMystic TangleParkway BoogieLilypad Leapway3DURCR Backyard GardenSuper Blooper Circuit
Variety Pack CircuitPirate StormMushroom LagoonPower Yard

Luigi's IslandCannon City IIIMushroom ValleyVolcanic SkywaySunset RidgeBowser's Flooded CastleSunset Forest

Retro Tracks:
DS Mario Circuit3DS DK JungleDS DK PassSNES Donut Plains 3SNES Rainbow RoadGCN Yoshi CircuitN64 Banshee BoardwalkGBA Cheese LandSNES Donut Plains 2
SNES Mario Circuit 23DS Mario Circuit (with Bri)SNES Mario Circuit 1N64 Royal RacewayDS Wario StadiumGCN Dry Dry DesertN64 Yoshi ValleyDS Rainbow Road
DS Tick-Tock ClockDS Shroom RidgeWii U Animal Crossing3DS Rainbow Road3DS Bowser's CastleN64 Koopa Troopa BeachGBA Riverside ParkGCN Rainbow Road
SNES Bowser Castle 1GBA Shy Guy BeachSNES Ghost Valley 1SNES Choco Island 1SNES Bowser Castle 33DS Daisy HillsTour Vancouver VelocityGCN Dino Dino Jungle
DS Airship FortressSNES Koopa Beach 1SNES Choco Island 2SNES Vanilla Lake 1SNES Koopa Beach 2SNES Ghost Valley 3SNES Vanilla Lake 2DS Figure-8 Circuit
DS Luigi's MansionDS Waluigi PinballDS Bowser CastleSNES Donut Plains 1 BetaSNES Donut Plains 2 BetaSNES Donut Plains 3 BetaSNES Choco Island 2 Beta
SNES Choco Island 3SNES Vanilla Lake 1 BetaGBA Boo LakeGBA Broken PierGCN Luigi CircuitGCN Baby ParkGCN Mushroom BridgeGBA Bowser Castle 2
GBA Sunset WildsGCN Daisy CruiserGBA Mario CircuitGBA Lakeside Park

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