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Avatar: KaizoGT.jpg
YouTube: KaizoGT

About Me

My name's Kaizo & I make texture hacks/fix stuff up I guess...

I did partake in the MK64Wii distribution thingy with Sword, Torran & ChaosShadow23

Character textures I've done

Name Version
Baby Blue Hat Mario v1.1 (under KGTrixter)
Black Yoshi v1.1
Chaos Peach v1.0
Fire Luigi v1.0
Fire Mario v1.0a
Fire Peach v1.0
By the same author: KaizoGT

Track Textures:
Bowser's Ice Castle

Character Textures:
Baby Blue Hat MarioBlack YoshiChaos PeachFire LuigiFire MarioFire PeachR&B Funky KongPurple Rosalina

YouTube Channel: