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Avatar: Josei's Profile Picture.jpg
Discord: miryokujosei

About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Josei :3

I just started as a novice texture editor early 2012 to 2019. Then to modeling little elaborate 3d stuff in 2015-2020 (currently). Some jobs may show changes over time, I still haven't mastered 3d modeling very well but I'm still experimenting.

In 2020 I returned to MKW modding community due my incorporation to Mario Kart Wii Deluxe as staff member. Cuz of this, I felt motivated to start modding MKW again.

I mostly do character edits, since I like the idea of giving alternate outfits to previously existing characters. I have a idea list of unreleased Chars and karts/bikes I hope to finish them one by one in the future.


You can use my little contributions and edit them to your liking freely, as long as you give me the corresponding credits~.