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Hello, my name is Joey and I'm 18 and from England, UK. I played Mario Kart Wii a lot as kid during Nintendo WFC but moved on after the shutdown. It was only later on in October 2019 when I discovered CTGP and custom tracks for the first time that I started playing the game again. They really interested me as it was my first experience in video game modding; unsurprisingly, I went on to creating my first models in early 2020 using SketchUp. My first track, Radioactive Factory was created in April 2020 and later released in May. It was the first time I had made all of the files required for a track to work, as previously I had jumped from model to model.

Since then, I have been an active member in the CT Jam community, having watched them since the first season and joining the server in August 2020. I have gone on to create 6 tracks in CT Jams and 4 tracks in Turbo Jams. I have also switched to Blender, to better translate my ideas into playable tracks.

I try and make tracks that have compelling theming and a convincing environment as that is the most important element of a track for me. I also love shortcuts that are integrated into the theme of the track, which is something I always think of when making a layout.

I also own a custom track showcase channel, CT Recordings, dedicated to showing custom tracks without existing videos. I'm open to options if you need a track recording.

If you would like to make an update to one of my creations I would appreciate it if you could ask me on discord first. Most of the time it will be okay but I often have plans for my tracks so I might already be working on an update :)

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