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YouTube: Inkling35000vr
Twitter: Twitter
Discord: Inkling35000vr#3458

Hello, I'm Inkling35000vr. I started modding in 2015 and have made texture hacks and custom track updates.

Custom Track Updates

Title Version Author
Mushroom Island (with Sniki) v1.0 BigOto2
Underwater Slide v2.2 WiiLuigi

Texture Hacks

Title Current Version Type
Galactic Spaceway v1.0 Track
Yoshi on Spear (Vehicle Swap) v1.0 Vehicle Swap

Current Projects

Title Notes
Wii U Ice Ice Outpost Hopefully I'll complete it around June.
By the same author: Inkling35000vr

Texture Characters:
Grand DadYoshi on Spear

Texture Hacks:
Galactic Spaceway

Remade Tracks:
Mushroom Island

Custom Track Updates:
Underwater Slide (2.2)