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Hey!! My name is Graciie and I like to create Mario Kart Distributions. Although I'm more of a coder, i'm trying to learn how to texture hack and make custom tracks. I'm also currently in the middle of two projects:

  • Graciie Kart Wii (if anyone has any name suggestions lmk!!)
  • Graciie's Music Pack (i've literally only just found out how to make BRSTM's as of September 2018 haha)

I always want to improve, so if anyone has any tips, again, lmk :)

My Packs/Distributions

Graciie Kart Wii is a distribution featuring all my favourite textures and stuff. You can find out more on the page :))

My Texture Hacks

P&B Daisy replaces Daisy on Mach Bike. Im working on her replacing every vehicle.

Ocean Kong is a blue Funky Kong texture. It is pretty much 100% complete.

By the same author: Graciie