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Profile Picture: Graciefied's Profile Picture.jpg
Email: [email protected]

Hey guys I'm Grace, I'm a CT creator that will be releasing my first track this year! I mostly focus on new tracks as apposed to releasing retro tracks, however I will be releasing some retro tracks too. These will be mainly SNES and GBA tracks as I intend on giving them similar treatment to the way Nintendo have done with GBA tracks for Tour. But with all that said, I hope you enjoy my tracks and have a wonderful day!

CT Release Information

This section will have information regarding everything you need to know for my tracks! There will also be a video explaining everything closer to the first release.

Download Content

My tracks come in a zip file that comes in the format of a My Stuff folder so you can easily drag and drop into a distribution if you choose to! They also come with an optional BRSTM music file that is copyright free and I believe best suits the track.

Update System

The update system follows a set pattern, these are in the format Release, Feature Update, Bug Fix Update for example, 1.4.2 or 2.5.21. Below is what each number represents and how frequent these updates are.

Release Number: This is exclusively for track design or visual overhauls and will rarely change.

Feature Update Number: This is for smaller feature updates like a texture change or object changes. These updates will be slightly more frequent.

Bug Fix Update Number: These updates are for bug fixes and will be extremely common with multiple bug fixes in one update. However this will also be used for if a quick fix is needed for any reason like a crash, as apposed to a hotfix update.


If you would like to provide feedback on one of my tracks, then please comment on the track's showcase video. However if the feedback is a bug or glitch that you have found, then please fill in the bug tracker form with an explanation of the bug and how to recreate it. I intend to leave most shortcuts that are not intended in, however ones that cause online play to be not enjoyable or a requirement to know the shortcut will be patched!

The bug tracker will be accessed here.


Please feel free to include my tracks in any distribution, I only ask for credit in a tracklist or on it's wiki page. However please contact me through my email first if you would like to make any changes.