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Profile Picture: Tara's Profile Picture.jpg
Pronouns: she/her
Email: [email protected]
Discord: taragrace56
YouTube: YouTube

Hey everyone I'm Tara, I'm a CT creator that released my first custom track Polychrome Path on April 10th 2023. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Important notice

Over the next few months, I will be migrating all my download links over to GitHub. All versions will remain the same, just where they are downloaded from will be different.

Current Projects

This section will explain what I will be releasing and updating, as well as any discontinued releases that won't get anymore support.

Custom Tracks

I mostly focus on new tracks as apposed to releasing retro tracks, however I also release some retro tracks too. I have also released some joke tracks, that may not play the best but are entirely meant for a laugh! Some tracks are no longer supported and will receive no updates from me, the table below explains which tracks will be updated and which ones are now officially discontinued. Joke Tracks are discontinued upon release.

Custom Tracks
Track Status
Polychrome Path Supported
Floating Forest Discontinued
Skirt Circuit Overhaul in the works
Hearts of the Sea Overhaul in the works
N64 Frappe Snowland Supported

Music Packs

I also release music packs! So far, I currently only have my Main Music Pack available, however I will also be releasing more music packs over time. The table below explains which music packs will be updated and which ones are now officially discontinued.

Music Pack
Music Pack Status
Tara's Music Pack 2024 pack coming soon

Bug Tracker

This section is dedicated to informing you about bugs that I am currently aware of and whether they have been fixed or not. If you would like to provide feedback on one of my tracks, or would like to report a bug, then please comment on the track's showcase video or contact me via a method above. I intend to leave most shortcuts that are not intended in, however ones that cause online play to be not enjoyable or are required to learn to perform online will be patched!

Tara CT Bug Tracker
Track Bug Status
Polychrome Path
  • Position Bug
  • Fixed
Skirt Circuit
  • Tree model flickers when far away
  • Wont be an issue with v2.0

Update System

All of my releases are updated using a consistent update system. The update system follows a set pattern, these are in the format Release, Feature Update, Bug Fix Update for example, 1.4.2 or 2.5.21. However you may also see Betas across some of my tracks before they follow with the pattern previously mentioned. Below is what each update represents, how frequent these updates are and some examples.

Release Number

This is exclusively for overhauls to the release, this number will rarely change.

  • Track design overhauls.
  • Visual overhauls.
  • Overhaul to music selection.

Feature Update Number

This is for smaller updates that make changes to releases that add, alter or remove features. These are more common than overhauls but do not change as much.

  • Texture change.
  • Small layout changes.
  • Changing one or two songs from the music selection.

Bug Fix Update Number

These updates are for bug fixes and hotfix updates, these typically are very common with multiple bug fixes in one update.

  • Fixing broken shortcuts based on feedback.
  • Fixing broken elements of a release.
  • Fixing loop points to BRSTM's

Beta Releases

This is for CT's only, and will be used for tracks that require a lot more work before they become a full release. These will receive inconsistent updates however will primarily change a lot, similar to a new release.


Please feel free to include my tracks in any distribution, I only ask for credit in a tracklist or on it's wiki page. If you would like to update my tracks to fix bugs, then please follow along with the update system above. However for changes that take place in feature updates, then please ask for permission first. You may also port my tracks over to other games as long as I am credited as one of the authors or designer if it's a remake of one of my tracks and/or uses my models. You may use custom objects I have made too as long as I am credited.