GCN Waluigi Stadium (Iggy Ze Koopa)

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This article is about Iggy Ze Koopa's version. For other versions, see GCN Waluigi Stadium.
GCN Waluigi Stadium
Author: Iggy Ze Koopa
Designer: Nintendo
Version: v3.0-hotfix
Date of latest version: 2023-05-10
Editors used:
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: GameBanana


This version is created by Iggy Ze Koopa. It is based on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe version, where it features the two alternative anti-gravity paths, a cannon that replaces the glider ramp and all trickable roads.


v2.06 VS Race (Dolphin)
Beta Online Race (v1.0 Online Race at 30:10)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2023-03-14 First release
v1.0 (seizure warning) 2023-03-15 Fixed course model, KCL and KMP.
v1.0-hotfix 2023-03-16 Update by KantoEpic:
  • Fixed triangle graphical glitch and texture sizes.
v1.05 2023-03-25 Fixed course model and KMP.
v1.55 2023-03-26 Fixed KMP.
v1.95 2023-03-28 Fixed KCL, KMP and arrows.
v2.0 2023-03-28 Added boost panel before the second anti-gravity path.
v2.05 2023-03-29 Fixed KMP.
v2.06 2023-03-31 Fixed KCL and arrows.
v3.0 2023-05-01
  • Reduced anti-gravity paths to remove Slow Motion Bug and be more accurate to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • Removed solid falls.
  • Added invisible walls.
  • Fixed course model and KMP.
  • Moved last Piranha Plants.
  • Changed trickable anti-gravity road to metal grate.
  • Upgraded textures.
  • Fixed Slow Motion Bug on the second anti-gravity path.
v3.0-hotfix 2023-05-10 Updated KCL.

Custom Track Distributions

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By the same author: Iggy Ze Koopa