GCN Bowser's Castle (Tock)

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This article is about Tock's port. For other versions, see GCN Bowser's Castle.
GCN Bowser's Castle
Creator: Tock
Designer: Nintendo
Version: v1.6
Date of latest version: 2022-08-27
Editors used:
Scale: 160%
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: tock.es


This is a port created by Tock. It features custom objects, CLR0 animations, proper shaders, and sound triggers.


Usage of Extended Presence Flags since v1.3.2

Together with DS Airship Fortress (Sniki) and GCN Sherbet Land (Tock), this track is the first one that supports extended presence flags.

There are synchronization problems between the Bowser statue (crab and koopaFigure) and fireball (VolcanoBall1) objects. The time offset is different offline than online. Due to this, the author released two versions: one for offline and one for online; distributions would have to choose a version. There were also two variants with different item boxes: original and rotating. This increased the amount of track variants to four.

Wiimm has also released four variants with v1.3.2. Without LE-CODE, they are identical to what Tock provided. Depending on if the track is played offline or online, LE-CODE activates the correct objects. From LE-CODE's point of view, there are only two different variants: original or rotating item boxes. If using them together with a current build of LE-CODE, the Bowser statue and its fireballs are synchronized offline and online.


v1.5 VS Race
v1.2 VS Race
v1.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2018-10-20 First release
v1.1 2018-11-10
  • Added lava geysers.
  • Improved fall boundaries.
  • Improved respawn points.
  • Added an online synchronized version.
  • Added water splash.
  • Changed wooden bridge collision.
v1.2 2018-12-17
  • Fixed out of bounds trigger at the first ramp.
  • Decreased fireball fire lifetime (VolcanoBall1).
  • Repositioned final fire bar and decreased fireball count.
  • Added alternative version where the item boxes before the stairs now float in a circle.
v1.3 2019-03-08 Edited vertex colors.
v1.3.1 2019-03-08 Fixed blackscreen on console when exiting the track.
v1.3.1c 2021-03-19 Added an "inferior" CTGP Revolution version.
v1.3.2 2020-01-23 Update by Wiimm:
v1.4 2021-08-22
  • Fixed corrupted boost panels.
  • Reduced Slow Motion Bug on the CTGP Revolution version.
  • Improved ramp before the spiral.
  • Added an invisible wall at the spiral to prevent falling off.
v1.4.1 2022-02-23 Update based on the CTGP Revolution version:
  • Remade KCL.
  • Edited checkpoints.
  • Moved a key checkpoint.
  • Replaced fire bar with a fire ring.
  • Changed boost panel draw priority.
  • Disabled Bowser statue animation during the intro cameras (monte_a).
v1.5 2022-04-08 Update based on v1.4:
  • Implemented improvements from v1.4.1.
  • Simplified stair collision.
  • Ported skybox model.
v1.5c 2022-06-05 Update based on v1.4.1:
  • Implemented improvements from v1.5.
v1.5c.mkw+ 2022-07-05 Update by Toadette Hack Fan based on the offline version with rotating item boxes:
  • Changed all sound triggers to variant zero.
v1.6 2022-08-27 Fixed a slow wheelie glitch.

Known Bugs

A Slow Motion Bug is present.

Custom Track Distributions

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