GBA Bowser Castle 2 (CyrusTheYoshi)

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This article is about CyrusTheYoshi's port. For other versions, see GBA Bowser Castle 2.
GBA Bowser Castle 2
Creator: CyrusTheYoshi
Designer: Nintendo
Version: v2.0
Date of latest version: 2024-07-08
Editors used: Apicula, Blender, BrawlBox, BrawlCrate, CTools, KMP Cloud, SketchUp
WBZ files:


This is CyrusTheYoshi's first port from Mario Kart DS, as well as his first track with vertex colors. He wanted to port a version of the track that stayed faithful to the original DS remake, as he felt that the only other two ports (one by sup3rsmash8, and the other by Kazuo and MrKoeikoei) that existed were either out of date or strayed away from Mario Kart DS too much. The author also wanted a version of the track that did not use jump pad ramps, as he personally did not like them and felt it would play better with normal ramps. This version of the track also features a custom Thwomp model that the author ported from Mario Kart DS himself.

CyrusTheYoshi also made an alternative version for those who do not like the pixelated look of the DS textures. This version uses higher quality textures and better animations.



v2.0 VS Race
v1.0 Presentation
v1.0-alt VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2020-09-23 First release
v1.0-alt 2020-09-24 Changed textures.
v2.0 2024-07-08
  • Remade course model, KCL and minimap.
  • Changed item box model.
  • Edited post-effects.
  • Ramps are now color-coded:
    • Red = Trickable road
    • Blue = Boost ramp
    • Yellow = Slow ramp
v2.0-alt 2024-07-09
  • Changed textures.
  • Added start banner.
  • Reverted item box texture.

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