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Avatar: G-Force's Avatar.jpg
YouTube: G-Force
Discord: G-Force#5626

About Me

Hi! I am G-Force. I've been a fan of Mario Kart Wii since I first played the game some time after release, and me discovering the modding scene has allowed me to appreciate the game even more. I have also been an active Geometry Dash player since summer 2015, with my most notable involvement being in the 1.9 GDPS community.

Please DO NOT release updates or alternate versions of any of my tracks without my approval. I would prefer if you contact me on Discord regarding an update you want to make to a track of mine.

Planned Major Projects

Name Status Description
GG (placeholder) Base layout nearly complete aside from fine-tuning and shortcut implementation This track has a dedicated forum in the CTGP Track Testers Discord server. You may join for more information, but no progress will be made until other projects have been finished.
Stereo Madness update Beta 1.2 released. No other progress has been made I want to give this track a significant visual upgrade as well as a more polished layout.
By the same author: G-Force

Custom Tracks:
Cheep Cheep ResortStereo MadnessCold Red

Custom Track Remakes:
Poké Floats

Lower Effort Custom Tracks:
Factory IslandGCN Rainbow RoadWatch Out!