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26 years old, lives in Bavaria (Bayern), Germany (Deutschland), Mid-Tier MKWii Player, nowadays "NumeroFox_" or "NumeroFox_503" (FunX1337 is my old nickname).

Discord: NumeroFox_503 (numerofox_)

Track Textures I've made or remade

Name Version
N64 Matrix Land v1.0
Koopa Volcano v1.1
Bowser Harbor v1.2
Temple of the Gurus v1.3
(Remake) Spongebob's Castle v1.1
Haunted Woods v1.0
Darkmoon Caverns v1.0

BackModel Packs I've made

Name Version
Pokémon BackModel Pack v1.0
Dragon Ball BackModel Pack v1.0
FunX's BackModel Pack v1.0