Frost Flooded City

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Frost Flooded City
Author: Marianne8559
Version: v1.7.hotfix 2
Date of latest version: 2024-07-11
Editors used: Berrybush, Blender, BrawlCrate, RiiStudio, Switch Toolbox
Scale: 75%
Download: Dropbox


Frost Flooded City (also known as Sunken City Run) is a custom track created by Marianne8559. It takes place on top of a sunken city that appears to be in the ruins. The track was created as a joke with a complex layout inspired by Banished Keep, but during the production process, it ceased to be a joke track. Currently, enemy routes and checkpoints are buggy.

Slot Information

It is recommended to put this track on the DK Summit slot for the fog and snow effects.


  • The CTGP Track Testers Discord server, for feedback.
  • Whacker, for proposing the track's name.


v1.7 VS Race
v1.4.hotfix VS Race
v1.1.hotfix VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2024-05-28 First release
v1.1 2024-05-29
  • Added sticky road under some ramps.
  • Added three Mdush ramps.
  • Background trees that were floating in the air are now properly on the ground.
  • Fixed a boost ramp that was pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Removed all pipes from after the first cannon to the second ramp.
v1.1.hotfix 2024-05-29
v1.2 2024-05-30
  • Fixed bad collision.
  • Fixed first cannon issue.
  • Fixed bad respawn points.
  • The snow effect no longer activates when indoors.
  • Removed some objects.
  • Removed a cannon.
v1.3 2024-05-31
  • Remade ending section.
  • Added moving water.
v1.3.hotfix 2024-06-02
  • Remade ending section.
  • Improved starting section.
  • Removed arrows and TV screen.
v1.3.hotfix 2 2024-06-03 Attempted to fix minimap issue.
v1.3.hotfix 3 2024-06-03
  • Readded invisible wall.
  • Fully fixed minimap issue.
v1.4 2024-06-04
v1.4.hotfix 2024-06-04
  • Added rainbow flag.
  • Fixed second fallen tree angle.
  • Fixed collision and visual mismatch.
  • Fixed snowball routes.
  • Adjusted timing and height at which the shutter rises.
v1.4.hotfix 2 2024-06-05 Added Fire Piranha Plant from DS Mario Circuit (VolcanoBall1 and escalator_group).
v1.5 2024-06-06
  • Fixed softlock.
  • Distinguished boost panels and ramps more clearly.
  • Edited shadow map.
  • Changed VolcanoBall1 model.
  • Added sinking buildings (bblock).
v1.5.hotfix 2024-06-06
  • Added three force recalculation planes.
  • Fixed a model hole.
  • Added a ramp.
v1.5.hotfix 2 2024-06-07
  • Fixed sinking building collision.
  • Fully fixed a model hole.
v1.6 2024-06-09
  • Fixed bad respawn points.
  • Fixed bad item route.
  • Attempted to fix Position Jump Bug.
  • Adjusted second Fire Piranha Plant.
  • Fixed second fireball route.
v1.6.hotfix 2024-06-15 Fully fixed bad respawn points.
v1.7 2024-07-09
  • Changed first shroomless shortcut to require Mushrooms.
  • Remade section after the new Mushroom shortcut.
  • Downscaled to 75%.
v1.7.hotfix 2024-07-10
  • Added approximately 15+ indirect textures.
  • Moved danger sign.
  • Fixed bad item route and Bullet Bill drop.
  • Adjusted Fire Piranha Plant's ice ball model scale to properly match the hitbox.
  • Added Multiplayer variant.
  • Optimized snowball object.
v1.7.hotfix 2 2024-07-11
  • Moved some item boxes.
  • Added interiors in Raymond Alleis's former house on the hill.
  • Placed a flip trick ramp on the slope leading to the house on the hill.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Frost Flooded City

Dutch: Bevroren Overstroomde Stad
French: -
German: Frostüberflutete Stadt
Italian: -
Japanese: フロストフロッドシティ
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: -
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -

Sunken City Run

Dutch: Gezonken-Stadsrit
French: -
German: Versunkenes Stadtrennen
Italian: -
Japanese: すいぼつシティレース
Korean: 가라앉은 도시 타다
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: -
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -


Since v1.3.hotfix, there is an Easter egg that can only be found in NoClip or from a free look camera, which hints that Raymond Bros, custom characters created by the author for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, are from this city.