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This is a list of file formats used in Mario Kart Wii and other games.

Mario Kart Wii File Formats

This table contains a list of file formats found in Mario Kart Wii:

Name Description
BCP Controls the intro cameras before countdown.
BDOF Controls focus, sharpness and blur in tracks.
BFG Controls fog used in tracks.
BLIGHT Controls lighting effects on characters, karts, items, and objects in a track.
BMG Message files containing localized text for use in game screens and menus.
BMM Mii statue head material settings.
BRCTR Layout control files.
BREFF Controls information for effect files. Used together with BREFT.
BREFT Graphic and texture data for effect files. Used together with BREFF.
BRFNT Font files used to display text stored in BMG files.
BRLAN Layout animation files.
BRLYT Controls the UI layout elements' material, TEV and position settings.
BRRES Object files containing model, animation and texture information about an object, such as the course model or an item box.
BRSAR Sound archive.
BRSTM Music files.
BSP Controls vehicle hitboxes and space parameters.
BTI BTI is an image file format.
CHR0 Model movement animation files.
CLR0 Color swapping animation files.
KCL Collision data files containing information about when and how objects collide with a track or object.
KMP Track description files containing information on start positions, checkpoints, etc.
KRM Controls the rumble on the Wii Remote.
MDL0 3D model data.
PAT0 Texture pattern animation files.
REL Relocatable binary object file.
RKC Data about tournaments.
RKG Ghost data.
SCN0 Scene settings files.
SHP0 Vertex shape animation files.
SRT0 Texture movement animation files.
TEX0 Texture files.
THP Movie files.
TPL Image file format used for menus.
U8 File archive with a hierarchical file system. Most used together with YAZ0 compression and stored as SZS file.
YAZ0 Compression format. Most U8 files are YAZ0 compressed.

Other File Formats

This table contains a list of file formats found in Nintendo games, but not in Mario Kart Wii:

Name Description
AST Sound file for some Wii games.
BDL Model data for many GameCube and some Wii games.
BMD Model data for many GameCube and some Wii games.
BCO Collision information from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
BOL Contains information about a track's setup.
DAT Packed model-archive format found in games by HAL Laboratory.
RARC Archive format for some GameCube and Wii games.

Custom File Formats

This table contains a list of commonly used customized file formats by users:

Name Author Description
LEX Wiimm LEX (LE-CODE Extension) is an extension for custom tracks to provide additional settings and modifications outside of a KMP file. The main idea is that global game settings can be overridden by track dependent settings in cases where it is not possible otherwise.
LPAR Wiimm LPAR (LE-CODE Parameters) is a text file format to define parameters for LE-CODE.
WBZ Wiimm WBZ is an alternative format for YAZ0. It is dedicated to the WU8 patching file format to allow small files without copyrighted material.
WU8 Wiimm WU8 is designed to allow exchanging of custom tracks over the internet without any Nintendo stuff and license problems. The design is similar to the file format U8.

Further Information

This section explains the relation between the file formats U8, YAZ0, SZS, WU8, and WBZ.

U8 is a file archive containing a hierarchical file system. GameCube and Wii images use U8 archives as a main DVD file system. The U8 file system is optimized as read-only system, and only supports file name, file size and a directory structure with no other file attributes, like time stamps. It it similar to a TAR or ZIP file without compression.

To make U8 archives smaller, the compression method YAZ0 is used. A YAZ0 compressed U8 archive is usually stored as a SZS file. These files are used for tracks. YAZ0 is also used to compress other archives, like RARC and BRRES.

The file format WU8 (Wiimms U8) was developed by Wiimm to make exchanging custom tracks over the internet easier without any original Nintendo files and license and copyright issues. The design is identical to U8, except Nintendo's subfiles.

WBZ is an alternative compression format for YAZ0 based on the public compression bzip2. It is dedicated to the WU8 file format to upload small files without copyrighted material. The alternative compression should also help to avoid false positives of the copyright file scanners.